Real World Portland

Real World Portland Episode 11: Top 5 Moments

The fight we’ve been waiting for! And when it comes to Real World fights, this one delivers. I must say, I can’t think of a fight as intense as this one ever in Real World history. Here are the highlights from last night’s episode.

1. A Pure Choice


Last week we saw Jessica get dumped by Tyler. This week, we watch her take an oath of purity. She wants to remain celibate until marriage. While Jessica seems pleased by this decision, Anastasia seems annoyed. She tells Jessica that she thinks her decision to be pure is an act, but Jessica says her choice is sincere. After the confrontation, the two pretty much end their friendship.

2. Shitty Walk


While heading to the confessional, Nia steps on something soft… Daisy’s puppy turd. Disgusted, she runs to the shower to rinse her foot. However, she never returns to clean the shit.

3. Talking Shit


Johnny confronts Nia for not cleaning the shit. Nia says that Daisy is not her dog, so Daisy’s shit is not her responsibility. Johnny claims that everyone cares for Daisy, so Nia should have just cleaned the shit after stepping in it. Besides… Nia “schmeared” the shit everywhere when she stepped in it. The argument gets heated, and Anastasia tries to get the two to talk civilly. Johnny yells at Ana for getting involved and Ana gets upset.

The conclusion from the argument is Nia should not interact with Daisy if she does not want to clean her presents.

4. Throwing Fists, Drinks, and Shit


DING DING DING! Fight time! It all began because Nia wakes up one morning and calls Daisy. Feeling provoked, Averey tells Nia to stop causing problems. Then Johnny sees Nia in the bathroom and throws and energy drink on her. This is the final straw. Nia runs over to Johnny and smashes his head with her fists. Luckily, Jordan runs in to break up the fight.

That was just round 1. Nia then grabs her blow dryer and finds Johnny to attack him with it. Because Johnny can’t defend himself against Nia, Averey steps in and grabs Nia by the hair. The two girls begin to fight by grabbing hair and smacking heads. Jordan grabs Nia to stop the fight, but Averey continues to swing (likely because Nia still has a grib on her hair). Eventually this round ends.

But at the end of the episode we see rounds 3 begin when Nia smacks Averey in the back of the head while she’s getting ready for the morning…

5. Peaceful Pals


Despite their arguments earlier in the episode, Jessica and Anastasia hide in a bedroom during the fights. They don’t support the violence and finally agree on something. Perhaps they’re not so different after all!

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  1. nia is a sociopath. i knew she was being fake all along. she never liked them. and for some reason, thinks she’s better than everyone. anyway, after she got a few punches on johnny for the snotty tissue and drink throwing, she should have quit. and averey & johnny, clean up your own s–t. no one signed up to be in a house with pets.

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