Real World Portland

Averey VS Nia- A Case for Either Side

If you’ve check out what fans of The Real World Portland are saying in regards to the fight on Wednesday’s episode, you’ll notice that people have picked sides. Truth be told- I’ve picked a side. But I think a case can be made for either girl being the victor in this battle, and both have reasons for being involved.


Nia– To be fair, she was provoked by Johnny. She did call for Daisy, but she never got physical UNTIL Johnny threw toilet paper on her and threw an energy drink on her. After being covered in Johnny’s morning routine, she swung. Averey was not her target. She was out for Johnny’s blood and grabbed a hair dryer to attack him with. After the initial fight, Johnny went to the bathroom while Nia waited for him to open the door. Once the door was opened, she attacked him. This is when Averey jumps in. Averey really did more hair pulling than punching, but she probably did land more punch on Nia than Nia did on her. However, Jordan intervened and held Nia back while no one was restraining Averey (pictured above). Plus, Averey was able to grab Nia from behind because she was going after Johnny, not Averey.

Averey– Averey was not involved in the initial fight, but once she got word that Johnny has been attacked by Nia she knew that Johnny could not defend himself. That’s why she had to step in. Nia is a bigger girl than Averey, so the fact that Averey was able to land as many punches as she did on Nia is a testament to her strength. Not only did Averey seem to have control over Nia, but she also effectively deterred Nia’s wrath away from Johnny, saving him from a hair-dryer-beatdown.

Whose side are you on?


  1. every chick i see, grabs an opponents hair and punches her in the head, without letting go. so, they aren’t that great at fighting. but averey did land punches ,missing most, but nia’s face was red in the end. nia was surrounded by 3 people, while being punched by 1. so, she never had a chance. that’s why people hold any hands or whatever while they are in a fight. let them be.

  2. Nia got a freaking hair drying and was going to beat Johnny that is psychotic and Avery had a right to attack her

  3. nia was a crazy manipulative bitch from the beginning! she thinks she is some badass who can do what she wants and actually enjoys causing turmoil just to watch the pain it causes others! She is a horrible person and she should have never been placed on the show…maybe it’s time for the real world to finally come to an end!

  4. I thought it was awful. the producers should intervene and break it up. the fact that it went on so long is dangerous and irresponsible.

  5. I can’t stand any of the 3 involved. They are all immature and stupid. I really dislike Nia for the most part, but I find myself understanding her in this fight…maybe not to the extent that she took it though. Avery, I just know she went back to the room nagging away that “Nia called Daisy/Nia said Daisy is hers”…and rather than being the bigger person and moving on with his life…Johnny just HAD TO go into the bathroom and say something and do something. He could have gone in there if he really had to and say “you need to grow up” and just go back to the room….But no. In putting toilet paper on her, that just crosses the line, regardless. Nia had the right to express herself in that regard, just not with violence. As for Avery, I think its obvious she would have been destroyed by Nia. That’s why no one was holding her back. The right thing for them to do would have been to leave the house…go to a hotel…whatever. Producers really dropped the ball with that. Instead they kept running their mouth because they couldn’t recognize that they are going just as low as Nia. That crazy smack to the head at the end said it all to me…uncalled for, but that’s what Avery gets in this situation by not removing herself from it all.

  6. On any other season when a fight has broken out, the producers have stepped in. Even when Nia had her fight with Jordan, they should have stepped. WTF. I thought the rules where they couldn’t lay a hand on each other. That was broken over and over again. Just because she’s a woman. this was one of the worst seasons was truly unlikeable people.

    1. Here’s some likely reasons…

      A. Because production would have also held Johnny and Averey accountable. Johnny threw and drink and Averey swung as well. Nia DID violate her contract, but the other 2 did as well.

      B. There was about 3 days of filming left. Production likely already booked their flights home.

    2. I think another reason why is because it was the Real World. There is no like production or security to break up fights in the real world.

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