Rivals 2 Rankings: Strongest Teams


Rivals 2 will introduce us to some new and interesting pairs. Looking at the new teams, there are some that have obvious advantages before even entering the house. Other teams will be met with struggles from the second they land on Thailand soil. Here’s who I predict to be the strongest teams this season:


1. Johnny & Frank– I really think this is the team to beat. They both have an impressive track record, and they both have allies coming into this game. Most of the newbies like Frank, while many of the veterans are connected to Johnny. Socially, they’re strong, but the fact that they both know how to win a challenge is what makes them the team to beat.

2. Leroy & Ty– I think Leroy is a beast on these shows, but has been tied to bad/mediocre teammates on his previous shows. While Ty isn’t quite as strong, he’s certainly no slouch. I believe Leroy will live up to his full potential with Ty as his partner, and other teams should be scared of that.

3. CT & Wes– Perhaps this team sticks out as the strongest for many people, but if you look at their track records the teams aren’t as strong as you may think. CT has never won, and the Battle of the Exes final proved to be a challenge for him. Wes has been performing consistently worse with each passing season, and the allegedly he has lost some muscle mass. To make matters worse, both of these guys will enter the house with targets on their backs. To be honest, I think they have a lot stacked against them going into this challenge.

4. Zach & Trey– Two college football players on one team? Sounds like a strong team. I have faith that Zach will once again be a strong force in the game, but Trey’s poor social game may hinder the team. Both are fairly hot-headed and this will not benefit the team.

5. Marlon & Jordan– These two seem bred for the challenge, but their newbie status has the potential to hold them back. I certainly think they’re entering the game with more potential than the female Portland cast members, but many people will view them as disposable.

6. Dunbar & Tyrie– Both of them are big guys, but their challenge records aren’t the most impressive. Sure, Dunbar did win once, but Tyrie has never won an elimination round. Socially, I don’t think either have strong connections, so I think they’ll be considered a disposable pair of veterans.

7. Robb & Derek– There’s literally nothing complimentary about this team. Robb is taller and outweighs Derek by considerable amounts. I can’t see them performing particularly well together. At the same time, if rookies band together again, I could see this team doing well.

8. Knight & Preston– If I were competing in this challenge, this would be the first team I would want to take into an elimination with me. Physically, they’re not a threat. I doubt they’ll become the power team ever, and their social game may be sloppy as well. Preston doesn’t seem too connected to anyone coming into the competition, and Knight is know to make some spontaneous decisions that can hurt his game. However, they’re also a team I’d like to compete against in the final. If they can play that card, it might take them further in the game.


1. Emily & Paula– Emily has never lost an elimination round. However, she’s also never won a final challenge. Ever since Rivals 1, winning a final is something Paula can do. Together, they can go far. They just need to be careful not to step on too many toes along the way.

2. Trishelle & Sarah– Both of these girls managed to make it to the end of Battle of the Seasons despite the fact that they weren’t with the “Rookie Revolution.” As a team, they might be able to achieve the same feat again. Factor in Sarah’s logic and Trishelle’s poker skills and you have a team to be afraid of.

3. Camila & Jemmye– Last season, I believe Jemmye was the strongest player on Team New Orleans, but her lack of strong teammates hid her strength. Pair her with a former challenge champ and you’ve got a team with potential. Provided the two of them don’t scream at each other the whole time and can communicate through their thick accents.

4. Jonna & Nany– I really feel that these girls have what it takes to make it far in the game. Neither of them have had disappointing performances in their prior challenges, but I have yet their athletic abilities surprise me either. Socially, they’re going to do well. If hooking up is an element to getting votes, these are the girls that will get the most votes. We’ll see if their flirtatious natures helps them this time around.

5. Jasmine & Theresa– Similar to Jonna & Nany, I have yet to be overly impressed by their athletic abilities. They’re certainly not the worst competitors, but if they want to see the final something has to change from their previous challenge performances. Neither are stellar in elimination rounds, but I also don’t think they’ll be getting last place in the day’s challenge.

6. Cooke & Naomi– I really think that Cooke is the female rookie that everyone should fear. But then she’s pair with Naomi, who I may classify as the worst female competitor. If the team does well, it will be due to Cooke pulling the team. If only she was pair with someone else…

7. Aneesa & Diem– I really want these two to do well, but I just can’t see Aneesa doing well in a final. Last time she was in one (The Duel 2) she had real difficulties and finished in last. Since then, final challenges have gotten significantly more demanding. Aneesa is known to perform well in eliminations, but that’s Diem’s weakest point. While Diem did well on the Battle of the Exes final, I don’t think she’s good enough to redeem Aneesa’s lack of endurance. Getting to the final challenge should be doable for these two, but I just can’t see them winning.

8. Anastasia & Jessica– If I had to pick two athletic girls from Portland, it would be Nia and Averey. I just can’t see this team making it far or working well together.


22 thoughts on “Rivals 2 Rankings: Strongest Teams

  1. Jeymme sucks Sam beat her easily in the wrestling challenge, Mackenzie beat Nany so I wouldn’t say jem is strongest

  2. Leroy is way overated and anything involving swimming him and ty will be last( no racist just true, when Leroy fell on Mike mike was still the first one there beating ty and Leroy

  3. Jessica is short and Ana is so tall and skinny so I think the jumping into arms challenge will suck for them

  4. If muscle mass determines who wins then tyrie and dunbar and zack and trey are guaranteed to be top 2, that statement does not sound right therefore wes losing muscle mass does not mean that much. He is still bigger than adam was and you see how close him and ct came, and anything to do with swimming wes and ct should be favorites. I would say johnny/frank from their past deserve the number one ranking, but wes/ct should be a close second.

      • muscle mass they were both pretty strong and would be on top. And the ONLY reason they lost to Derek and Robb was because Dunbar threw the challenge on purpose. If you don’t believe me then look up on Google “Dunbar’s Interview”. Cuz he felt like he and Tyrie wouldn’t get far so he decided this was a waste of time. You have to admit Tyrie did a good job on restraining Robb who is 6’6” and 240 lbs.

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