Wes & CT – Cursed from the Start?


Over the course of the past 3 seasons we’ve seen Wes’ performance on The Challenge continuously drop. He arguably lost the Rivals final for himself and Kenny, was eliminated from Battle of the Exes by Leroy (a competitor on Rivals 2), and comically lost to Big Easy in the first elimination on Battle of the Season.

So he’s now paired with CT. Some people would argue that he’s the best competitor on the show. BUT, he is the male competitor that has appeared on the most challenges without winning. Plus he’s also the only person on the show to be booted from a challenge quicker than you can say Tyrie. By just looking at CT you might see a strong competitor, but his challenge states don’t match with that perception.


So here’s why the this team might be cursed from the get-go.

They both run their mouths. Having a target on your back isn’t a good idea, but it never stopped either of them from causing drama. Competitors like Knight and Frank might not be as strong as CT, but they’re good at scheming. I bet that they’ll be throwing him into The Jungle whenever possible.

Wes doesn’t hit the gym like he used to. He’s much skinnier than was on previous seasons. Even if we does win, he won’t be showing off his guns again:


Wes had a hard time on the Rivals final. He finished it, but only with the help of his partner Kenny.

CT lost in the Battle of the Exes final. He was doing so well with Diem until they lost their lead at the very end of the final…and it was because CT gassed out.

They’re coming in without allies. CT is the only Real World Paris cast member. Wes is the only one from Austin. No one has their backs, so if they lose, they’ll likely get thrown into The Jungle.

So the chips might be stacked against these two. What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Wes & CT – Cursed from the Start?

  1. OK that’s a lie Wes saved Kenny all season, Kenny DQed about 3 times plus Kenny lost the elimation round to Brandon
    Next the one vs big easy was clearly in favor of big easy BC he is much bigger then Wes and it would be much harder for Wes to push him

  2. Wes did better than Kenny during the majority of the season, but I was strictly referring to a the final. Even if CT & Wes make it to the final, if Wes performs like he did in the Rivals 1 final their team is screwed.

  3. Btw diem would be allies with them and Paula is friends with Wes plus trey and Wes had a small alince during bots

  4. Wes and Kenny held a confirmed 45 minute lead at the end of day one and were only rewarded a 1 minute head start up a mountain. Regardless of what you say about Wes he actually had a better final than what editing showed. How would you feel if you ran a marathon, won, and at the end someone said, “well we are going to let the others catch up and settle this race now with a sprint.” As far as CT goes BOTE final the entire time Johnny had big foot prints to step in requiring less energy compared to making those foot prints in a foot of snow. My honest opinion CT and Wes also have more friends in the challenge than Johnny and Frank. Bananas does not have Kenny, Evan, Mark, or Derrick. That being said think of all the daily challenges that CT and Adam won, and Wes is an improvement on Adam…anything involving swimming they will likely win too. I just disagree with most of your points and it is difficult to argue that they are not a top 3 team.

    1. I actually never heard the 45 minute thing, but I don’t doubt it. I still maintain that during the final Wes was the weaker link in the partnership. However, I still think they could have won the final with that 45 minute lead.

      As far as alliances go, I don’t think Wes/CT are coming in with many people on their side. Neither is Johnny. Frank on the other hand could have many people on his side, which will directly benefits Johnny.

      That’s fine that you disagree. I encourage people the challenge my opinions, because in the end the strength of the teams is based on my perception of the teams’ strength. We’ll just have to see if I’m right, or if they are able to secure the win.

      1. Most rookies hate Frank besides Zack and night so that’s about 2 allies, Paula is friends with johnny but Emily is close to ct
        Wes and Sarah are friendlyer then johnny and her plus robb and Derek hate Frank
        And Dunbar and tyrie would vote with veterans

      2. No Derek hates frank Robb hates frank, Nany hates Frank Camilla hates frank but loves Johnny so that evens out Trey hates Frank Sarah hates Frank so does Trishell Frank hates veterans so that means he will want to get veterans out, that would put a target on his back from people like ty and Leroy ct and Wes Emily and Paula diem and anessa jasmine and Theresa plus Theresa was on Wes’ side during fresh meat 2 so I doubt she would vote for him

      3. Leroy and ty diem and ansessa Paula and Emily tyrie and Dunbar jasmine avd thersa are vets so Frank will want them gone, that will cause problems and have Frank and Johnny be targeted

      4. Wes and Kenny lost BC Tyler ate nothing the night before so he ate more during the eating challenge and they passes them then

  5. Wes Is better then Kenny, Kenny NEVER one a one on one elimination round plus dq ed twice in rivals. The ONLY reason that Kenny wins is because of his two bitches Johnny and Evan. Without them, Kenny has not won

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