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Sarah: Most Cursed Challenger of All Time?

On last night’s episode of Rivals 2 we saw Trishelle quit and Sarah get sent home because she was left partnerless. This just continues Sarah’s bad luck streak with partners. To be honest, Trishelle is not a terrible competitor. Had she stuck around, Sarah had a pretty good chance of making it to the end with Trishelle.

But that didn’t happen. Let’s check out Sarah’s bad luck streak that was continued last night:

The Ruins


During her first Challenge experience, Sarah was placed on what is probably the most pathetic team ever assembled. The challengers only managed to win one challenge throughout the entire season. Add in the fact that Casey was a member of the team until just before the final, and you have a team that has no chance of winning. Sarah won in 2 Ruins and made it to the final, but let’s face it… The Challengers were never going to win. Sarah’s just lucky that she was able to make it to the end and earn a little bit of money.

Fresh Meat 2


Fresh Meat 2 was a very quick experience for Sarah. She was sent into the second elimination with her partner Vinny and lost. To be fair, Vinny is not solely responsible for the loss. I don’t think this loss was because of bad luck, just bad allies and getting defeated by Kenny and Laurel.



If Sarah was ever going to win a season, this was the season she should have won. Sure, she had Shauvon on her team, but after making her feel unwelcome Shauvon decided to quit. The gray team was the superior team on Cutthroat until Abe and Sarah got dehydrated during the final and taken off the course.



On Rivals, Sarah’s poor performance was really due to her unfortunate pairing with Katelynn. By this point in her challenge career, Sarah had mustered up some political power and was generally liked by the main alliance in the house. However, her partner Katelynn is one of the worst competitors to ever grace the Challenge fields. She’s afraid of heights, puzzles, trivia questions, jumping, canoes, rivers, and everything that involved leaving her chair. Despite the fact that Katelynn didn’t quit entirely on Sarah, her poor performance was the reason Sarah left.

Battle of the Exes


If you’re going to blame Sarah’s loss in Fresh Meat 2 on Vinny, Battle of the Exes will give you a reason to think otherwise. He was (surprisingly) one of the best competitors in the game during the first two missions. Then he got ejected from the game for popping Mandi’s top at the club. Because he was gone, Sarah also had to go and it was 100% not her fault.

Battle of the Seasons


To be honest, Chet was a great partner for Sarah. JD wasn’t half bad either. Devyn wasn’t great, but at least she never quit. Battle of the Seasons will never be a good season for Sarah because Real World Brooklyn is one of the scrawniest Real World casts ever. All things considered, Sarah did very well this time around and at least she got to compete in the whole thing.

Rivals 2


Much like Battle of the Exes, Sarah got utterly and completely screwed. Trishelle quit, so Sarah got the boot because she was partnerless.

So, I think Sarah is more cursed in the partner department than most people. However, there have been some seasons where she wasn’t entirely cursed. At least she maintains a good attitude about it and enjoys the challenges for the right reasons.

In the future, I feel that the curse may be alleviated. For example, I could see her and Jordan being paired on a Battle of the Exes 2 and doing very well. Or, she could do very well on a Duel.

What do you think. Is Sarah really cursed?


  1. ok your wrong about Rivals 1. Sarah fell off the kayak and was the reason they got sent straight to the Jungle, and then she took command and failed to complete the puzzle in time in the Jungle before Jonna did. Katelynn lost because of Sarah, not the other way around.

  2. I can’t tell if the producers love or hate Sarah. On one hand, they keep casting her. On the other hand they pair her with lousy players. They knew how terrible Katelynn was from Fresh Meat 2, Vinny has never been in great shape, and Trishelle is not reliable. On top of all that, they never give her a replacement partner.

      1. I agree with this. Her & Katelynn and her & Vinny were kind of a stretch on Rivals 1 & Exes. Physically, Vinny was not bad at all on Exes. No one could have predicted he’d get disqualified from the game. But Katelynn was probably only on Rivals so Sarah could be. Despite getting a shitty partner, it was generous for production to even give her a partner.

      2. Katie most likely said no just like she did with this season and they didn’t know vinny would do that same goes with trashell

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