Who’s to Blame for Leroy & Ty Going into the Jungle?


Leroy and Ty’s trip to The Jungle came as a shock to the entire cast- even those who voted for him. It was Diem who cast the final vote, but without the prior 2 votes Zach and Trey would have faced a different opponent. A few people on the cast took this vote really hard, but where can the blame truly be placed?

Theresa & Jasmine- We saw Theresa beat herself up over this vote, but I have a hard time placing the blame on these two. After all, they had to vote first. Plus, if you look at the past weeks we saw Leroy and Ty throw away their votes on Jasmine and Theresa. They seemingly don’t have any enemies thus far, so there’s no point in making an enemy by voting for a team who hasn’t cast a vote them.

Diem & Aneesa- Their vote solidified Leroy and Ty’s trip into The Jungle. Aneesa clearly did not want to send Leroy into The Jungle but Diem decided to take lead and cast the vote. Even though Diem had no problem casting this vote, it would be impossible for her to send them into The Jungle without the two prior votes.

Nany & Jonna– In my opinion, this was the dumb vote. Nany is close to Leroy and didn’t want him to see The Jungle but tried to throw away her vote by voting for them. Even if they didn’t think any other team wanted to vote for Leroy and Ty, they put them dangerously close to being sent to The Jungle by knowingly stacking their vote on top of Jasmine and Theresa’s.

Having seen the episode, who do you think is at fault?


One thought on “Who’s to Blame for Leroy & Ty Going into the Jungle?

  1. Why does aneesa never get a say in voting as you could cleary see in deliberation that she did not want to send leroy and ty in ?

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