What Would You Do For…

Hey guys! Remember the challenge I Scream from The Gauntlet? Where the Real World team and the Road Rules team had to compete against each other in an ice cream eating contest? I always find myself thinking of the challenge in the summer especially when I get a craving for ice cream.  Klondike bars are one of my favorite ways to enjoy ice cream so I wanted to share this campaign with everyone.

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There’s never a bad time for a Klondike Bar, but if you’re in the mood to enhance your Klondike experience just check out the company’s sight here:  http://unr.ly/15MbyIb and you’ll find new ways to enjoy your Klondike Bar.

Seriously, if the heat of summer is getting to you I think you should pick up a Klondike bar. Just watching the challengers compete in Thailand makes me crave ice cream and I know I can always count on Klondike Bars to fulfill my cravings. It’s one of my favorite treats and it has been since I was a child, so I know when I want ice cream Klondike Bars are an excellent choice. The best thing is knowing that I can depend on Klondike Bars to always be there for me. I love the blend of chocolate covering vanilla ice cream and it’s a taste I never get sick of. However, if I want to try something new I know the company is always putting out great new products to add variety to my snack. So if you’re feeling the heat make sure to grab a Klondike Bar!


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