Bad Competitors I Can’t Help But Love

On The Challenge we see many successful challengers turn into fan favorites. These individuals often come back, and leave with more winnings in their pocket. Then there are other challengers who try and try again, but never seem to get a victory…or win an elimination… or make it to the final. Here are some of the challengers I love who have had struggled to find success.



Little Casey. The burden that has held back even the strongest of competitors. Somehow, I always liked her on these challenges. Perhaps has to do with the fact that she’s terrified of heights yet unafraid to argue with the veterans. Or maybe it’s her 5-Exile trek on Fresh Meat to earn herself a new pair of boobies. Either way, there’s something loveable about her.



Ace is one of those competitors who had a rough start in his challenge career. After being the first one out of The Inferno and second off of Battle of the Sexes 2, he kept coming back. Despite his hardships, he maintained a positive attitude and was one of the competitors who contributed to a positive team dynamic.



OK, perhaps Robin isn’t the worst competitor but the fact that she has the most challenge appearances without a win makes her qualified to be on this list. And how can you not like her? She’s loyal to her friends, terrified of elimination rounds, and wears her heart on her sleeve. She has a long challenge history that has earned her a few Rivals and Exes, but her top priority is now her son who motivates her to compete on the challenges and stick around through the tough times.


The Real World - Denver by Greg Endries/MTV Tyrie

Tyrie used to be a bigger guy, but he’s not the one who cries about his weight loss in every confessional. His challenge record is less than stellar, but he remains optimistic about The Challenge and has always enters elimination rounds with the utmost confidence in himself. Despite his poor track record, I think his worst mistake was insulting Dunbar in that one confessional on The Island. Perhaps when he’s free of his partners he’ll prove that he isn’t as weak as we think.



This Vegas may have lost a few fans when she quit Rivals 2, and while I can’t say I was thrilled that she quit, I will always like her. She has a longer history on MTV than most of the people on the show, and when she brings her A-game she’s a pretty good competitor. Plus, she’s never been afraid to fight with other cast members. She even took on Coral… you gotta give her credit for that!


ch25 preston

Most people know that Preston isn’t the best competitor, including himself. But he has managed to impress a few people with her determination and persistence. He’s not a quitter, and his been about to use his brain to get himself out of a problem or two. Add the fact that he has a lot of funny confessionals, and you’ve got a pretty good cast member.



AKA Vanna Black. Devyn was considered the weak link on Battle of the Seasons, but she was able to get her act together enough to make it to the final and complete it. Sure, she came in third, but that was a lot further than most people thought she’d make it. What really stuck out was her sense of humor. She brought quite a few LOLs when we last saw her, hopefully that’s present next time we see her.

What about you? Which competitors with poor track records do you like?


  1. Why didn’t Ace wear a speedo I heard because last time it gave him a wedgie or people in his church laughed at him

  2. Well unsure if I would can most of them bad competitors because all but two (Ty and Preston) made it to the finals and Robin and Devyn more than once.

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