Real World Ex-Plosion

10 Ex-Plosion Moment To Look Forward To

By now, I hope you’ve seen the Real World: Ex-Plosion trailer. After watching it, I strongly feel that MTV is trying to sell the “exes” component of the show. Basically everything in the trailer is centered around this theme.

While it’s obvious that this new theme is going to play a major role in the show, it would have been nice to see other interactions in the trailer. Interactions that indicate that The Real World has not been stripped of its original elements. I’m sure these interactions will be present in the show, but for now let’s check out what the trailer showed us.

Welcome to San Francisco!


The original seven cast members are enjoying their time in San Fran! If you know anything about this season, you probably know that these seven were the only ones in the house for the first month, so I’m sure we’ll get a couple episodes without the exes.

Saying Hello Is Hard to Do


The big twist! It seems like one day, the original seven leave the house for a bit and once they’re home their exes are there.

Drama Unfolds


It looks like Jenny will be the center of a love triangle this season, with her ex in the house along with her new “friend with benefits.”

New Flames Extinguish Old Flames


More relationship drama! It looks like Jamie and Thomas are a couple, but his ex Hailey isn’t a fan of the relationship.

The Ex Twist Isn’t ALL Bad


Looks like Arielle and her ex-girlfriend Ashley are able to rekindle an old flame. “You only get one second chance,” declares Arielle.

New Beginnings


Someone gets pregnant? I think the house is already full enough.

There Will Be Fights


Sorry for the blurry pics, these clips were barely shown in the preview! It looks like Cory and Brian are fighting, while Hailey is trying to attack Thomas.

Saying Goodbye Is Easy to Do


It looks like Ashley is involved with major drama at one point, and threatens to leave the house. It also looks like she is forced to leave the house for at least one night. Don’t worry, Jenny doesn’t want her to stay. She says Ashley will be voted out the next morning.

Mysterious Phone Calls


Oh no! It looks like Jay is getting a disturbing phone call. The voice on the other line sounds like an older gentleman, reminiscent of Danny’s phone call during Austin.

The Sharpest in the Bunch


And of course, there’s the clip of Jenny swinging her knife.

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