Real World Ex-Plosion

Real World Ex-Plosion: Who’s Who

Real World Ex-Plosion marks the 29th season of The Real World, and while we’re all prepared to see seven (plus five) new personalities, it’s impossible to not make some comparisons. So, I’d like to take a chance to check out the new cast members and compare them to the past cast member who they best resemble.

Of course, these comparisons are based on the limited information I know about the cast. This information comes from: their cast bios, the trailer, their twitter accounts, other information they’ve posted online, and’s “meet the cast” video. While I am making comparisons to previous cast members, I know that we will be learning a lot more about the cast as the season progresses. We will see new dimensions added to the personalities and with time these comparisons may proven extremely accurate or inaccurate. For now, these are the comparisons I am able to make.

Also, I only feel I have enough information to make comparisons for the initial seven cast members. Perhaps we’ll get more info about The Exes that will allow me to make comparisons with them.

Arielle reminds me of San Diego’s Alexandra

RWEAricompare alexandra

It’s more than the hair, I promise! Both Arielle and Alex are California girls moving elsewhere in the state to film The Real World. Throughout her season, Alex struggled to maintain a relationship that seemed perfect, and Arielle will find herself in a similar situation once her ex moves in. Outside of The Real World House, both Alex and Arielle are dedicated to raising social awareness and are very career-orientated individuals who have found success in their chosen fields.

Ashley reminds me of Hollywood’s Kimberly

RWEAshleyMcompare kimberly

Firstly, we’re focusing exclusively on Real Worlders when making comparisons because Ashley reminds me most of Road Ruler Tori. But there are certainly similarities between Southern girls Ashley and Kimberly. Both entered the Real World house with experience in presentation-focused fields (Ashley was in pageants while Kimberly aspired to be a reporter). Both are beautiful girls, but don’t mistake then for being ditsy! And while they’re often bubbly and sweet, they both have moments where tempers flare and they find themselves in the middle of a major argument.

Cory reminds me of Cancun’s CJ

RWECorycompare cj

Both Cory and CJ entered their Real World house with muscles, curly hair, and a football career that ended in college. Both guys are pretty laid back and won’t be found starting problems, but don’t expect them to ignore confrontations that are brought to them. Perhaps they’ll establish a connect with a female roommate but don’t expect either guy to get involved in a serious relationship.

Jamie reminds me of Brooklyn’s Sarah

RWEJamiecompare sarah

The unique sense of style that includes tattoos and piercing is just the beginning of the comparison between the two. Both girls came into the Real World house having experienced some struggles in life. Despite these struggles, they try to turn a negative into a positive and take what they’ve learned from their past to inspire others.  While these girls aren’t going to start the fights in the house, they’ll face any confrontations and issues head-on.

Jay reminds me of Seattle’s David

RWEJaycompare david

Initially, I thought Jay belonged on Jersey Shore and not The Real World, but since I’m comparing him to a Real Worlder I’m picking David Burns. Both guys have accents so thick that you’ll immediately know where he grew up. Jay describes himself as an outgoing and flirty guy; this is the reason his ex Jenna fell for him and also why she can’t trust him. David’s fatal attraction was with his girlfriend Kira, a Real World producer who was fired for her involvement with him. While both guys are typically fun people, don’t be surprised to see their serious sides come out.

Jenny reminds me of San Diego’s Robin

RWEJennycompare robin

They may be loud, busty, and the center-of-attention, but that’s only one side of Jenny and Robin. At times they may be described as emotional, but this comes from a place of genuine caring about others. During their Real World experiences, both girls may find herself entering a new relationship… perhaps a relationship where her new man is similar to her ex? Regardless of what happens in the house, both girls are entering the house to have a good time and learn a thing or two.

Thomas reminds me of St. Thomas’s Trey

RWEThomascompare trey

For Thomas and Trey, the problem isn’t going to be finding a new girlfriend. The problems only start once exes come backing into the picture. Much like Trey’s relationship with Laura, having baggage from a previous relationships may jeopardize his new one.Beyond their relationships, both guys are pretty down to earth. Not looking for problem despite the fact that problems often find them within the Real World house.

What do you think? Do any of the new cast members remind you of an old cast member?

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