Old School Challengers Who Still Have Fight Left

It has come to my- and many other challenge fans- attention that there are very few old schoolers on the recent challenge seasons. So, I would like to help out production by mentioning some old school challengers who the fans would love to see again, and also still have some fight left in them. These challengers are the ones who have been dedicated to The Challenge for a long time- prior to Fresh Meat being thrown into the mix, and have maintained the ability to perform well. And I’m not including people like CT or Aneesa because they’re still a part of The Challenge.

Mark Long


Anyone who looks at Mark knows that he doesn’t belong in retirement. He maybe be from the first season of Road Rules, but he should be fighting until the last season of The Challenge. If production really wants to scare the new kids, make them battle this veteran.

Robin Hibbard


Robin’s Challenge career has had its ups and downs, but she returned for 2012’s Battle of the Exes in great shape and ready to battle. She says she has at least one more Challenge left in her, and I think she’s ready to take home a victory.

Derrick Kosinski

oldschool derrick

I don’t know why Road Rulers aren’t represented on Challenges. Looking at Mark and Derrick, I see two great competitors who are also fan favorites. After years of competing on Challenges Derrick now has a few victories and I don’t think he’s afraid to take on some new competition.

Veronica Portillo


Don’t be fooled by The Ruins, Veronica is a smart and crafty challenger. It’s no coincidence that she was the first person to ever win 3 challenges, and if she puts her mind to it I think she can dominate the Challenge field again.

Syrus Yarbrough


Last seen on The Ruins, Syrus only does Challenges sparingly, but he’s still active in The Challenge community. I don’t think he’d be a stranger going into another Challenge and he’s certainly not a weakling. Mix those two together and he has potential to do well.

Coral Smith


She was last seen hosting The Real World Portland reunion, but Coral ought to know that the Challenge fans want her back in the Challenge house. Coral may have left The Gauntlet 3 on bad terms, but I am confident that this badass Real Worlder can redeem herself if she give The Challenge another chance.

Frank Roessler


There’s no denying that Frank was the MVP of the rookies team on Gauntlet 3, and it’s a shame he hasn’t returned since. He constantly surprises others with his abilities, and I think he’d be able to hold his own against some of the toughest competitors.

Beth Stolarcyzk


Beth plays The Challenge on her own terms, and in the days or predictable alliances this is what Challenge fans want to see. Add in the fact that she’s not weak and the fact that she’s not exactly drama free and she’d resume her career as one of the most interesting Challenge girls.


Landon may be old fashioned in the way he plays the game- as an honest competitor, but he has no reason to play otherwise. Arguably one of, if not the, best challengers, Landon knows that he can hold his own against even the best competitors. If you’re looking for good battles, Landon is the guy you need on a challenge.

Rachel Robinson

oldschool rachel

This smart and strong champion is recently married and in the best shape of her life. In her life off the shows she is a fitness guru and the type of person that even scares Emily Schromm. When it comes to female competitors, Rachel is in the top tier.

What other old schoolers do you think need to make a challenge return?

11 thoughts on “Old School Challengers Who Still Have Fight Left

    1. I don’t know about Jodi but I remember Theo saying that he would only come back if there was a lot of old school competitors and more fun challenges and not so hard finals.

  1. Kendal and Mallory have been showing interest for doing a challenge for years and I do not know why they don’t use those two. Also since Shane was going to be Road Rules alternate for Battle of the Seasons 2012 and Cameran was going to be on the original San Diego team their very interested in coming back. Same with Belou from RR Europe but they never call her.

    1. Beth did agree to the Duel 2 but backed out because she was pregnant and was called for Rivals. She still has shown interest as long as old school competitors came back.

  2. the only 2 worth a squat from above, are mark long & landon. landon is best of all time & mark would be, if he didn’t keep taking dives

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