Jamie Chung Real World

Guess Who’s Getting Married!

Seems like love is in the air, at least for some Real World & Challenge alum. Over the holiday season, we had two beautiful ladies announce their engagement.

Firstly, Paula Walnuts got engaged around Christmas time. Luckily for her, she won the most recent Challenge season (Rivals 2). Hopefully she saved up enough winnings to book a nice honeymoon.

The second announcement came around New Years from Jamie Chung, who was on the original San Diego Real World season and won The Inferno 2. Nowadays she is better known for movie roles (such as The Hungover series) and television shows (such as Once Upon a Time).


Jamie got engaged to her boyfriend Bryan Greenberg, who is also an actor. He may be recognized from shows such as HBO’s How to Make it In America.

Chances are you won’t get invited to their wedding, but you can support this couple by seeing the movie “A Year and Change” which will be released later in the year. Both Jamie and Bryan have a role in the movie.

Can’t wait to hear more from Paula and Jamie this year, and I hope their year is filled with excitement and happiness!


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