Real World Ex-Plosion: Top Moments from Episode 1

Recap time! In may ways, the premier episode of The Real World started off with a bang, but the true explosion hasn’t hit yet. Let’s check out the five moments from the premier episode to remember.

1. Time to Get Real


Like most seasons, the episode starts with the cast leaving their homes and arriving in a new city. For some, this is a very exciting time. For other, packing up and leaving is a little more difficult. But there’s no time to worry about emotions because the cast departs the same day as they receive the phone call telling them that they’ll be filming a new season of The Real World in San Francisco.

2. Cheater Beater


Ashley is familiar with the San Fran area, and tell the cast about her personal trainer boyfriend. Then, she suggests a club for the cast to go to and they enjoy their first night out. Once they arrive back home, Ashley introduces her boyfriend to everyone… as a yacht designer. Jamie notices the inconsistencies in Ashley’s stories, and because she hates cheaters, she decides to call Ashley out in front of her boyfriend. Ashley takes offense to this and walks away from Jamie only to vent to Cory about the situations.

3. What the House Does Without Ashley


Ashley tells Cory that she could buy Jamie and her family, to which Cory responds that she could by him and his family (trying to make the point that money isn’t everything). Ashley agrees, and tells Cory that she could buy his family. Now Cory is offended and Ashley walks out of the house threatening to leaving. She walks down the street in her underwear and returns home shortly after.

4. All Good Things Come to an End


The following night, the cast goes to another club. Ashley eventually apologizes for her actions the prior night. Cory seems to forgive Ashley, while Jamie just seems to avoid her. Either way, tensions have deescalated. That it… until the cast gets home and decide to cook some burgers. Ashley, seemingly for no reason, tosses hot grease in Arielle’s face. Now she has pissed of more roommate. Arielle handles the situation as well as possible and tells Ashley they’ll talk about it in the morning.

5. Confession With a Bang


As Ashley is tossing grease, Jenny is in the hot tub with a man that followed her home. Annoyed by this guy, she is subtly trying to hint for him to leave. Eventually, Cory steps in and pulls Jenny into the confessional. They run out of things to say, so they decide to put on animal hats and start banging.

Tune in next week as the countdown to the explosion continues.


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