Real World Ex-Plosion: Top Moments from Episode 2

We’re officially two episodes into Real World Explosion, and this week we saw the continuation of last week’s drama. Let’s check out the five most memorable moment.

5. A Clean Start?


The cast confronts Ashley over her irrational drunken behaviors. She apologizes, and for the most part the cast is willing to start fresh. After the group meeting, Jamie and Ashley have a one-on-one talk. Ashley says that she doesn’t like Jamie, even when she’s sober. Jamie agrees and claims that Ashley is always talking about her. While the two end the conversation on bad terms, their dislike toward each other does not manifest itself into an argument this episode. In fact, Ashley didn’t cause any drama this episode.

2. A Numbers Game


Tom confesses that he has only slept with 3 girls prior to entering the Real World house. The rest of the cast is thoroughly surprised. Cory says his number is 100x Tom’s. Jay says that he slept with 3 girls by the time he was in the seventh grade. Jenny channeled her inner CT and said her number was “nunya business.” Jamie likes this “innocent” side of Tom, but Tom is upset that Jamie is reluctant to reveal her number. Eventually she tells her number, which is higher than Tom’s, and Tom is upset. In the end, he at least appreciates her honesty.

3. A Public Affair


Jenny and Cory take their hook-up outside of the confessional… to the shower. The cast is both shocked that they stealthily hooked up and no one knew, but also disgusted that they’re boning in communal places. Regardless of their roommates’ reactions, it is clear that their attraction is more than just physical because there is jealousy when they dance or show affection toward others.

4. DTR


Jamie says that she is only focus on Tom, and he agrees but he also doesn’t want to completely ignore girls who hit on him. This doesn’t sit well with Jamie, and she intervenes when she sees Tom talking to other girls. Tom says that he wants to make Jamie happy, and if she wants to be called his girlfriend that is what she’ll give him. The relationship is defined!

5. San Fran Smackdown


Jay, Cory, Arielle, and Arielle’s lady-interest are leaving the club. While walking home, they are bombarded with strangers who are nudging into them*. Irritated, Cory shoves one out of the way and is prepared to fight. They finally get home, and Cory still wants to fight but Arielle shoves him to the ground and tells him to not go back outside. Jenny notices Cory’s anger and becomes concerned. Cory apologizes to Jenny, but Jenny isn’t really having it.

*Sidenote: Locals love to jump into the camera shots as production films the Real World. Sometimes it’s to ruin shots, or maybe to get on camera, but it happens all the time. You see this a lot on previous seasons. I can recall moments like this happening on the San Diego, Austin, and Hollywood seasons.


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