Secrets Behind the Exes Surprise

A recent interview with Jeff Kierns, co-executive producer of The Real World, reveals some of the details behind the exes twist. This twist required a lot of  careful preparation so the six roommates did not catch onto the surprise, and production managed to pull it off. In his interview Jeff reveals just how he did that.


Of course, I recommend you read the interview here. You’ll get more information than I am putting in this post. But if you’re crunched for time, here are some of the major take-aways.

  • The exes were informed they’d be moving into the house two weeks prior to actually moving in
  • Jenna did not know about the twist when Jay returned home for his mother’s services, so that was not a risk
  • Ashley’s ex would have been included in the cast if she stayed
  • While the dynamic in the house was different with the implementation of the exes twist, the show focuses on relationships like it always has
  • The “this is the true story…” introduction sequence was never filmed
  • And yes, the exes are eligible for The Challenge

Hopefully you take the time to read the full interview, and I’d like to thank The Wrap and the article’s author Mikey Glazer for bringing this article to my attention.


One thought on “Secrets Behind the Exes Surprise

  1. If the exes twist did anything productive it was give us double the amount of potential challengers. This is what I’m most excited for.

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