Real World Ex-Plosion: Top Moments from Episode 7

This week we followed Lauren during her pregnancy scare, and were reminded that Arielle and Ashley are part of the cast.

1. Oh Baby!


Lauren confides in Cory that she is pregnant. At first, Cory believes the baby is his because they didn’t use a condom when they hooked up two days earlier. Eventually Lauren comes clean, and says that the baby is likely from a hook up at home. Cory is really mad, and seems unwilling to be supportive of Lauren. This angers her, because she supported Cory when he dealt with a pregnancy scare a couple of years ago. Later on, Cory tries to ignore Lauren, but this makes her even more angry.

2. So Long San Fran!


Eventually, Cory comes around and decides to support Lauren. However, she feels that she will be more supported at home. So Lauren decides to head home. She leaves The Real World on pretty good terms with everyone, even Cory.

3. Oh Boy!


Arielle and Ashley finally get a storyline. One night at the club, Arielle decides to wear some of her more masculine clothes. Ashley feels Arielle does not typically dress this way in front of her, and in a sense Arielle is hiding her true identity. Ashley admits that she is more attracted to Arielle’s feminine look, but does not want her to hide herself. Despite the fact that they argue, they both agree that this argument made progress in their relationship.

4. Wrong Transformation?


Perhaps the argument between Ashley and Arielle is sparked by the fact that Arielle went online to read spoilers about her season. During this, she finds out that she is speculated to be a transgendered individual because of photos where she is wearing a beanie and is looking toned. Arielle does not want to be viewed this way, but wonders why she objects to this so much. She later invites some of her transgendered friends over to the house, and they have a discussion about identity. All of her roommates are supportive of the way she expresses herself, and the biggest surprise is displayed when Brian displays a strong understanding of the way many transgendered individuals feel. This discussion motives Arielle to wear her beanie and dress slightly more masculine.

This will also be the only educational moment of the season. Each season gets one, and this is it.

5. All Good Things…


Throughout the episode, we see Brian and Jenny working on their relationship and making progress. At the end of the episode, we see the boys going out for a bronight and the girls going out for a girls night. Brian and Jenny agree to behave and not flirt with others. Jenny keeps her word, but Brian finds a girl he likes. They dance, and talk, and kiss… and then the episode ends.


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