Real World Ex-Plosion: Top Moments from Episode 9

Sorry for the delay! But I do want to make sure I post my top moments/recap from last week’s episode.

1. Budding Bromance


Jenny’s worst fears have come true. Cory is not fighting with Brian, they are becoming friends. They go to the gym together, go to Subway together, and talk about science together. Though Jenny speculates this is not a real friendship, Jay feels the two are doing whatever they can to make the best of their time in the house together. I guess we’ll have to wait to see if this relationship is more than just an attempt to avoid conflict.

2.Putting Faith in the Unfaithful


Jenna is starting to trust that Jay isn’t hiding secrets from her, but little does she know that there is video evidence of him hooking up with another girl at the club. Production sent the video to the casts’ computer, but Arielle deletes this video to avoid problems. However, Jamie tells Jenna and she is able to get the video. Jenna confronts Jay for lying to her, and establishes that there are still trust issues in their relationship.

3. OGs Gonna OG


The cast goes out to explore San Francisco. Despite the fact that the exes have really been working on their relationships, they haven’t been able to break the bond of the original seven six. This sets up the framework for future fights to come in the house.

4. Twerk It Out


Thomas and Hailey have remained distant since she arrived in the house. One night, Hailey has a generous amount to drink and starts grinding on the cast. Rather than shove her away, Thomas twerks for a couple of moments before running away. Jamie gets angry that Hailey is still approaching her boyfriend. This sparks fights between herself and Tom, as well as Hailey and Tom.

5. The Devil Within


Thomas eventually decides to tell Hailey the truth; he wants her GONE. Hailey confesses that she has tried to avoid Tom in the house, but it has become increasingly difficult. Tom insists that the exes ruined this experience and this angers Hailey. She backhands Tom in the fact, then shoves him. A security guard is once again needed to keep the housemates tame.

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