Real World Ex-Plosion: Top 5 Moments from Episode 10

This week someone comes back, someone goes home, and someone comes to visit. Let’s see what happened…

1. Maintaining the Relationship


Tom’s brother Stephen is visiting, and he laughs at the situation between Tom and Hailey. However, it’s no laughing matter to Tom and he’s furious that Hailey slapped him across the face. He knows he’ll eventually forgive her, but now is not that time. So once again, he insists that Hailey leave.

2. Constant Contact


Despite the fact that Jenna is angry that Jay is flirting with other girls, he continues to do so. At a bar, Jay starts talking to the bartender named Felicia. He asks for her number, or e-mail, or any line of communication. Felicia refuses, and Cory knows that Jay is making a mistake by pursuing her. Jay insists that he’s a flirt-a-holic, and getting her number keeps his ego boosted.

3. The Hurricane Returns


Ashley is back! And she is going out with Jenny while the rest of the roommates go to a difference club. Brian is upset that Jenny is deciding to go out with someone who isn’t the best influence, but that doesn’t stop Jenny. Once Ashley picks up Jenny, Jenny tells her all of the changes in the house. Ashley is shocked, and likely glad she missed the Ex-Plosion. Despite her return, Ashley does not cause any real problems with the roommates.

4. The Real Deal


Jenna and Jay have never really gone on “dates,” but Jay knows he in hot water so he takes her out to dinner. Jenna is thrilled that they’re finally doing “couple” things and they manages to have a good time out. Perhaps this is the first step to officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

5. So Long Hailey!


Thomas eventually talks to Hailey, and says he will support her is she chooses to remain in the house. But Hailey is conflicted, and thinks that it’s best if she just leaves. So, she packs up her stuff and heads home, becoming the third roommate to leave.

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