The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments from Episode 4

This episode was all about big heads and loud mouths. Let’s check out the five moments you need to know.

1. Love & Victory


Laurel and Jordan are really into each other, but a lot of other people in the house dislike this pairing. Notably, Aneesa dislikes to two of them together. She notes that Laurel thinks she’s the alpha female and Jordan thinks he’s the alpha male, so it’s like they’re dating the same person. But if there’s one thing we learned from Flavor of Love it’s that  winning on the field doesn’t mean winning in the game of love.

2. Big Egos, Bigger Heads


This week’s challenge was named Bounce Out, and the purpose of the game was to score three goals by getting your team’s “ball” into the goal. One person acted as the “ball” while the rest of the group was playing defense. The catch: everyone is wearing giant orbs on their heads. Johnny was the captain of the red team while Cara Maria was the captain of the yellow team. Then, the teams divided into two separate groups. For the red team Johnny and Jordan played the “ball” while Zach and Isaac were the “ball” for the yellow team. The red team scored their first goal with ease, but Jordan was only able to get into the net with the assistance of MVP Preston. Though Zach managed to score on goal for team yellow, Jordan’s second goal secured a victory for team red.

3. Free Agents Making Group Decisions


The red team has to vote in one guy and one girl. A lot of the girls indicate that they’re voting for Aneesa while Jessica promises not to vote Aneesa in. While deliberating, Jonna says she doesn’t know who to vote in and Jordan replied by saying “at some point you need to make up your mind, you’re not Jessica.” Of course Jessica gets pissed and yells at Jordan for devaluing her spot in this game.

I’ll spare you the nitty-gritty details. After random ties and new policies developed on-the-spot, LaToya and Brandon are voted in.

4. Loud and Loyal


LaToya is mad that she is voted in after many people indicated that they wouldn’t be voting for her. Most notably, she is mad at Jordan and confronts him. After their screaming match, LaToya talks to Laurel who defends Jordan. LaToya is frustrated with Laurel, and tells her to keep control of her boyfriend. Laurel rolls her eyes and walks away.

5. Oppenheimer


The Draw takes place. Cara Maria lands a spot in her second elimination while Zach lands a place in his first. The game is called Oppenheimer, which is basically Hall Brawl in a circle. Two opponents run the circle in opposite directions having to run through each other at one point, and the first person to ring their bell two times wins. LaToya slips in her first trial, but the second round confirms that Cara Maria is faster so LaToya is sent packing. Zach plows through Brandon two times with ease and sends Brandon packing.

5 thoughts on “The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments from Episode 4

  1. I like LaToya but Cara Maria has become one of my favorite cast members over the years so I was very glad that she made it through! LaToya put up a good fight though in the elimination in the deliberation, ha. I hope to see her on future challenges.

    Poor Brandon. I’d like to see him win one of these! Zach is just so big and athletic, I don’t think that anyone in Brandon’s spot would have stood a chance except CT.

    I didn’t watch RW Portland so I didn’t the folks from that season interact before the challenges. Did Jordan and Jessica have issues with each other prior to the challenge? I don’t remember them butting heads on Rivals 2.

    1. Jordan and Jessica did have some beef on Portland. Jordan was insanely argumentative and tried to convince Jessica that she her family wasn’t middle class. That was early in the season and tarnished their relationship for the rest of the season.

      1. Thanks for the background. Was he trying to convince her that her family was upper class or lower class? I guess I should look for the Portland season and watch it. I was just surprised because they didn’t seem to be argumentative at all on Rivals 2. In any case, I like them both and hope that they can sort out their issues.

      2. Upper class. Jordan wanted to prove that she was more privileged than him. It was nonsense.

        As far as Rivals 2 goes, most of the first 2 episodes focused on Anastasia and CT, very little focus on Jess.

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