Challenge: Free Agents

Can Devyn Make it to the Final?

CT’s strategy seems to be wrong this season. He keeps the strongest people in the game in case he’s going to be paired with them. Now that we’re down to the end, I bet he doesn’t want to see one of the remaining eliminations because all of the strongest people are left.

Yet one girl was able to outlast some of the strongest competitors, and her name is Devyn. She has used her mental abilities to win the trivia challenge, formed an alliance (or mutual agreement not to vote each other in) with Laurel, and some how weaseled he way through multiple Draws. This resulted in her witnessing 9 elimination from the sidelines.


Five girls remain. Three will make it to the final. After all that we’ve seen this season, Devyn actually has a chance. And if I were one of the winning females, I would want to compete against Devyn in the final because she’s not great at endurance running.

So does Devyn actually have a chance of making it to the final? At this point, I think it’s likely. Even though Theresa is mad that Devyn voted her in, I doubt Theresa would vote Devyn into elimination because Theresa wants to eliminate the strongest players (Laurel). Laurel seems to have Devyn’s back. That means that Cara Maria and Nany may vote Devyn in, but that’s only if they have the chance to.

Plus there’s the possibility that she could win in elimination. Though I don’t see any of the 4 eliminations we’ve seen catering to Devyn over one of the other girls.


  1. I would like to see her in the final, I’ve always liked devyn. But as far as eliminations so, both her and Nany have not been in one yet. So I don’t really know how they would compete against the other girls.

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