Challenge: Free Agents

The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments from Episode 10

Cara Maria is back… but for how long?

1. A “Friend” Returns


Cara Maria spends the night in the hospital, and there is a split in one of the bones in her hand. Most of the cast is happy to see her, but they’re still not sure whether or not she’ll be medically disqualified from the competition. Laurel comes to check up on Cara, knowing her time in the game may be limited. She asks how Cara is doing, but the first thing Cara wants to hear is an apology. Laurel isn’t apologizing, so Cara doesn’t want to talk with her.

2. Should I Stay or Should I Go?


The cast shows up for the next challenge, and TJ breaks the news to Cara Maria… she can stay if she wants. Cara is relieved, but TJ makes it clear that Cara Maria is staying at her own risk. No special exceptions will be made.

3. Making it Across


This week’s challenge is Crossover and the players compete in guy/girl pairs. The teams are: Zach & Theresa, CT & Cara Maria, Leroy & Laurel, Johnny Bananas & Nany, and Johnny R. & Devyn. The challenge requires the teams to cross a large pond, and retrieve puzzle pieces on the opposite side which are buried underground. Then return the pieces to their base, and retrieve some more, but this time the other player must dig up the pieces. Finally, they must use the pieces to solve a puzzle. Zach and Theresa get an early lead which they hold onto throughout the entire challenge until the puzzle. At the puzzle, Johnny Bananas and Nany somehow finish first. Zach and Theresa come in second while CT and Cara Maria come in third. The other two teams are in the draw.

4. Voting for the Best


Johnny and Nany have to decided to send in Zach or CT and Theresa or Cara Maria. For some unclear reason, they decide to vote in CT (though they believe CT or Zach will come back no matter what, so the guy doesn’t matter). When voting, Johnny votes in Cara while Nany initially votes in Theresa. TJ informs the voters that if they cannot reach a consensus that they will be going into elimination. This makes Nany switch her vote, and Cara Maria is sent in. Cara Maria is upset, and lashes out on Theresa who she claims was kissing Nany’s ass. Theresa then becomes upset, but ultimately Cara is going into elimination.

4. To Be Conti….


We see The Draw. Leroy flips the kill card again, so he will be facing CT. Devyn doesn’t flip the kill card, so Laurel will be facing Cara Maria. We know that we will be watcing Wrecking Wall, a game that clearly doesn’t cater to Cara Maria’s injury.


…….. to be continued. UGH!


  1. This episode emphasizes how much of a jerks Bananas and Laurel in fact are. Laurel refused to apologize to Cara Maria and telling the guys that she didn’t care if Cara Maria came back to game. It brought back flashbacks of when she went off on Big Easy for no reason. Laurel is right about one thing…the audience (at least this fan) thinks you lack a heart.

    As to Bananas…he starting to be somewhat likable this season….until this week. First he sends in CT after CT hasn’t voted for him once, but Zack has. Then he won’t go with Nany’s last minute vote of Theresa and forces them to vote for Cara Maria even though she has been in the elimination/draw practically every week and she has a broken finger. Give the girl a break.

    Finally Nany…the vote was in her corner. On the last round if she had just voted for Theresa then she would have forced Bananas into voting for with her for Theresa. But because Bananas is always intimidating and cowing people around…Nany caved.

  2. I don’t get the logic of Johnny vote. He tells Nany not to vote on emotion, his vote seems completely personal. They had a chance to put Teresa in and possibly take out Laurel. Johnny sucks, lost all respect and his stripes are weak.

  3. Ugh cliff hanger! Agreed with SuperMom that if Nany would have voted for Theresa, she would have forced Johnny’s hand. I understand that she was torn and intimidated by Johnny and she probably just wanted to secure her own safety in the high pressure moment but we all know that Johnny will do anything to stay out of elimination rounds. Backed in to a corner with the threat taking CT’s place, he would have changed his vote. No doubt. Its impossible to be made at Nany in this situation though. Its tough. I love Cara Maria and I want her to win so badly. Maybe Laurel will do the only humane thing and forfeit? It seems ludicrous to suggest but Ev did it once for her best friend and this would be a huge step toward mending their relationship which I can tell matters to Laurel. Do the right thing, Laurel!

    Also, I felt like this was a pretty good challenge. The puzzles even the playing field–it wasn’t impossible for Devyn to win.

    1. ALSO

      CT is a real sweet heart. I love his friendship with Cara Maria. He is right–he could have averted his gaze when CM was choosing her partner for the challenge and let her pick Leroy to give himself a better shot but he didn’t. He supported her in the dig and she gave her all. I can’t imagine the pain she must have been feeling, btw. And, he supported her even after her unfortunate blow up with Theresa. I felt bad for Theresa and embarrassed for Cara Maria during that scene. Hope they can mend their friendship. Paranoia was taking over Cara’s emotions and CT was a great support even after the blow up.

      CT & CM all the way!

  4. I felt like the part where Nany and Johnny had to vote again was edited to make it look like TJ asked Nany first who she wanted to vote for. I don’t think she was asked first. I think Johnny was asked first and he voted for Cara again and, therefore, Nany was forced to vote for Cara.

    Because if Nany was asked first, then it makes no sense that she would vote Cara…she would of voted for Theresa, forcing Johnny to say Theresa. UNLESS, Johnny made it clear to her that he would vote Cara again no matter what Nany said, forcing both of them to go into the Draw.

    Either way, I think it was edited to make it look like Nany automatically went with what Johnny wanted to do. I don’t think it happened that way.

  5. I don’t think Laurel will throw the elimination round.

    Out of all the girls who are left, none of them have won a challenge before.

    Only Devvyn, Cara and Laurel have seen a final. Theresa and Nany have never been to a final.

    Taking it one step further, Theresa JUST won her first elimination round during this challenge. If I recall, she’s never won an elimination round. So really, if anyone deserves to be there at the end, it’s Theresa and Nany if you think about it.

  6. As I see it, here’s the logic behind voting in Cara Maria:
    1. She voted for Johnny in the past
    2. Both Theresa and Cara Maria could win the final challenge. Theresa WILL save Johnny and Nany if she has the power. CM won’t save Johnny and might save Nany.
    3. Nany makes it clear that she feels bad for Cara Maria and that influences her vote. That’s not strategy, that’s sympathy.
    4. Yes, Cara Maria has a broken hand, but the final usually comes down to running more than anything else.

    From a strictly strategic stand point, Cara Maria was probably a better choice.

    1. It just seems like if Nany and Johnny would have voted Theresa in, they would have had one more chance for Laurel to pull the kill card and be taken out in the elimination. Nany stands a worse chance going up against Theresa and Laurel in the final than she does going up against Cara Maria with an injured hand and Devyn who admitted to being the worst of the remaining women challengers. I’m not convinced that Theresa wouldn’t vote Nany in given the chance.

      I’m also surprised that Johnny voted in CT. Throughout this game, Zach has been the first player chosen for team/partner selection so many times. He out performed CT during the dug out game. He seems to pose the biggest threat to Johnny at this point.

    1. Unless Laurel throws the mission, Cara is gone this week. I don’t see Leroy beating CT though.

      Admittedly both of them have won and lost eliminations, but CT’s losses have come from having a sucky partner (Adam in Rivals) or B.S. “disqualifications” (against Brad in The Duel).

    2. There is no way CT is going home against LeRoy. And if he and Cara go home this week I am going to stop watching….well I would still watch…I would just be really bitter about it!

    3. Oh man I hope not! I was surprised by how much Leroy seemed to struggle in the last mission. Laurel coached him through it. I like Leroy a lot but when matched against CT, I’m in CT’s corner.

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