Challenge: Free Agents

Who Should Johnny & Nany Have Voted In?

This week we saw Johnny and Nany win a challenge and were tasked to vote in Zach or CT and Cara Maria or CT.

Inevitably they voted in CT and Cara Maria, but did they make the right choice?


Firstly, I think voting between just CT/Zach and Cara Maria/Theresa was dumb. Johnny and Nany should have been able to choose between all 4 losing pairs and the 6 people who were not voted in should have faced the draw. Just my opinion, but it seems like it would have made the vote much easier.

Anyways, Johnny and Nany agree to vote in CT for the males, but they believe that neither Johnny R. nor Leroy could beat Zach or CT so the male they vote in doesn’t make a huge difference. Still, I don’t fully understand this vote. Johnny is friends with CT, while Zach clearly doesn’t mind eliminating Johnny Bananas (he has voted him into elimination in the past). Zach may be the strongest male player and it would have been wise to vote him in. There’s always a chance someone could fuck up and get sent home, and Johnny should have given that risk to Zach. It’s not like Zach will come back with a vengeance because he already was willing to vote in Johnny. CT on the other hand seems to have Johnny Banana’s back, so this vote may have created new enemies.

Onto the female vote, which seems to be more controversial. I understand that a lot of people feel bad for Cara Maria, but I can wrap my head around this vote. From Johnny’s stance, Cara Maria has never been an ally. In fact, she never hesitated to vote Johnny in. Johnny is simply repaying her for voting for him. Plus, Johnny and Theresa have always been friends it seems. Ever since Cutthroat where they were on the same team, they’ve seemed to have gotten along. It’s not uncommon to see them sitting together when the cast goes to their clubs or pulling some antics together (flashback to the ninja incident on Rivals 2). It seems logical that Bananas would want to keep an ally around.

Nany seemed conflicted on the vote, and I can’t pinpoint a time where either Theresa or Cara Maria has served as an ally to Nany. With the final rapidly approaching, Nany has a strong chance of competing in the race. So she has to ask herself whether she’d want to compete against Cara Maria or Theresa. If Nany was thinking 100% strategically, she’d want to compete against Theresa who has never seen a final before whereas Cara Maria has seen 3. Finals usually come down to a footrace, and Cara Maria’s broken hand won’t stop her from winning that.

But Nany initially votes for Theresa to go into elimination and TJ threatens to send Johnny and Nany into elimination if they can’t reach a conclusion. So Nany switches her vote. To be honest, I think Nany initially voted for Theresa because she was sympathetic toward Cara Maria, but Johnny was thinking logically. Keeping Theresa for the final will benefit Nany, and I do think Nany is making a good move by voting in Cara Maria.

What are your thoughts?



  1. It is extremely stupid for anyone to vote Cara Maria into an elimination with a broken hand. Keeping her there with a broken hand gives you a HUGE advantage in a final. Usually in finals they have to do things such as climbing, hiking, kayaking, carrying heavy stuff for a while, digging, and more strenuous things that can’t really be done with a broken hand, Besides, Theresa seems to have great endurance, strength and is very fast so her never seeing a final before isn’t much of a disadvantage. Especially when she’ll have full use of her hand. It makes no sense to me why they would want to get rid of Cara.

    1. it was also just morally wrong. so it is a slight guilt vote, not voting her in. But a) she has proved herself 1000 times this season (and every other) and b) it is point blank wrong- she had a broken hand! it’s mean and cruel. show some sympathy?

  2. The idea of experience in a final being worth more than the use of both hands is ridiculous. The final challenge will involve some mental and running component but CM will be at a huge disadvantage in every other aspect. She should be the one everyone wants to have to compete against in the final. This logic is wack.

    1. On Rivals 2, carrying the heavy bags one by one. On BOTS, trying to carry the tires. Exes, trying to dig in the snow to get through the tunnel. Those are three disadvantages Cara Maria would face.

      1. I’ll give you that those would be more difficult with just one hand, but completely doable with minimal disadvantage. The body bags have straps that could easily be placed on the forearm to gain complete use of the bicep/tricep muscles. The tires were more awkward than heavy, and could be moved in a variety of ways. Snow is likely an easier digging surface than the dirt we saw on this week’s challenge, but you are correct that this would be more difficult with one hand.

        Regardless of whether or not experience with prior finals is more valuable than the limited use of Cara Maria’s left hand, experience with prior finals is always used as an excuse to get rid of a strong competitor.

  3. I understand why they voted for Cara, don’t agree, but I understand. I think that Johnny should’ve backed Nany up since she did for him. I think they should’ve voted in Zach since he voted for Johnny, however, I don’t think anyone should get a free ride to the final so I think C.T. needs to fight for his chance to be in the final. I do think that LeRoy will beat C.T. and Laurel will beat Cara.

    1. I’m on the same page as you Kristen. I certainly wouldn’t have minded if Theresa had to go into elimination. It’s just that I do see the logic in sending Cara Maria in.

      Though I’ve never understand the “no one deserves a free ride” mentality. I remember Diem said that when she voted Mark & Robin in on Exes, yet Diem never saw an elimination herself. Made me cringe.

  4. I think it makes complete sense for Bananas to vote in Cara. Aside from their history, if there were going to be guy/girl pairings in the next challenge or the final obviously having Cara as a partner could be a huge disadvantage. Sucks for Cara Maria because she’s definitely earned her keep this season but I wouldn’t want to risk having her as a partner.

  5. dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
    Disregard the first line above, not sure what happened. I feel like this those that don’t get voted in or have not drawn the kill card should not be judged. All I keep noticing people saying and typing is that they’re getting a free ride. It is not their fault they’ve been able to continue possibly to the final. However, there is one particular cast member that has been not proving himself as being serious about the challenge at a whole. He’s just there to be a comedian and not putting forh any effort at all!! Some of them have put in their work during the actual challenges and sometimes they have not but yet they’re still holding on. They’re probably keeping him because in the final if it were to be individual he’s DONE! Banana’s, CT didn’t deserve that vote in at all. CT has had your back the entire time by not voting you in and having your back when it comes to motivating you and rooting you on…foul play! The man is a threat to you and you know it! Yes, you bring the thunder too but that move was brutal! All of this is just to obvious in my opinion. GOOD LUCK TO THOSE OF YOU WHO DESERVE IT!

  6. Johnny told Nany not to vote with emotions. But that’s what he did!!! It doesn’t matter that Johnny and Cara have never been allies. What matters is that the don’t like each other! Johnny voted for her because he doesn’t like her, and hatred/dislike is a freaking feeling.

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