Challenge: Free Agents

Do Johnny & Devyn Deserve the Final?

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the finals 6:

  • Why is Devyn there?
  • CT got screwed!
  • Nobody deserves a free ride!
  • Why is Johnny there?

The list goes on and on. However, I keep hearing the Johnny and Devyn don’t deserve to be in the final because they never went into elimination (even though Nany didn’t either, I seldom hear a complaint about her). Is it really unfair that these two avoided elimination for an entire season?


At the beginning of the season I saw a lot of people were happy about The Draw, mostly because it prevented veterans like Johnny Bananas from weaseling “politicking” his way into a final. And it did force Johnny Bananas to go in, but some people got lucky, mainly Devyn, Johnny R. and Nany. While Bananas had to face strong players, weak players were able to slip through the cracks.

I knew from Day 1 this would happen; The Draw would create some great matches and let some people make it to the end based solely on luck. That’s the nature of something that is truly a gamble, some people win and some people lose. Johnny flipped 6 blank cards this season, Devyn flipped 5. Nany flipped 4.

Out of these three, I think Johnny R. is the luckiest. Not only did he flip the most blank cards this season, but he was also voted into elimination on episode 3 but didn’t have to compete because “no one flipped a kill card.” Plus, he came into the house with strong friends (Zach, Cara Maria, Jordan). He pretty much had the best experience a rookie could have had.

Then there’s Devyn. Yes, she flipped 5 blank card which is pure luck. However, she did actively create alliances and she did vote stronger people into elimination making herself a target. While there’s no denying that she’s lucky, she also played a decent social game.

And there’s also Nany. She has performed pretty well this season, but she did flip 4 blanks. It’s easy to forget about her free ride because she isn’t the weakest girl in the final, but that make her any more “deserving” to be there?

What do you think? Who should have been in the final?


  1. I do believe that Devyn deserves to be there. She played a great social game and avoided drama. I may be a little biased because she was one of the girls that I was hoping would make it this far. I’m just surprised of how lucky she was!

  2. I agree with you. I think they all deserve to be there. I am a loyal CT watcher, there’s just something about his brand of crazy that makes for great tv. As disappointed as I was was to see him go, I thought it fit with the show set-up. The point of this season was to put everyone (rookies and vets) on equal footing and like you said, that meant some people might get lucky and some others unlucky. Even though I have no one to root for in the final, I still think it was one of the freshest seasons in a long time. I just wish earlier on, people had broken away from the pack with voting. I don’t know how the Challenge can fix that, except with no voting, all draws. Maybe a save vote instead of an elimination challenge vote, that might shake things up.

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