Challenge: Free Agents

The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments from Episode 12

Here we are, the final. Picking up right were we left off last week: with Zach dying.

Stage 1: Kayaking

free agents 3

The cast continues with their kayaking. Bananas and Laurel maintain their lead, while Nany and Johnny continue to trudge along in second. The Challenge rescue team is called to help Devyn and Zach after their kayak tips. They’re able to continue with the challenge once they pass the rapids, but as you’d expect the finish in third. Zach is mad because he fears the next stages could be sleeping and eating, Devyn’s specialties.


  • Bananas & Laurel: 40 min
  • Johnny & Nanys: 44 min 53 sec
  • Zach & Devyn: 58 min 21 sec

Stage 2: Hike & “Puzzle”


The teams switch. Laurel is with Johnny R., Nany is with Zach, and Bananas is with Devyn. This stage requires the cast to hike up a hill until they get to a puzzle. Laurel & Johnny reach the puzzle first and Zach & Nany are in a close second with Bananas & Devyn trailing in third. However, the puzzle requires Challengers to stack 14 cities in geographic location from north to south. Because no one paid attention in geography class, they let the 30 minute time limit elapse. Except Johnny & Devyn who figure out that the puzzle was made from a log, and the grooves in the log match up. So that shave a couple minutes off their final time.


  • Johnny & Laurel: 1 hour 23 min 54 sec
  • Zach & Nany: 1 hour 30 min
  • Bananas & Devyn: 1 hour 34 min 47 sec

Stage 3: Off-Trail Hiking


During this stage Bananas is with Nany, Laurel is with Zach, and Johnny R. is with Devyn. The teams have staggered start times because the course is dangerous and narrow. Laurel and Zach go first, and Zach begins to cramp. We all know that when Zach gets a cramp he freaks out, so he tells Laurel he thinks he is going to die. Laurel doesn’t care and wants to continue, but Zach continues to complain until the Challenge Rescue Team is called. Bananas and Nany, who started second, pass Zach and Laurel. Nany stops for nothing, except when sees a tarantula. Devyn and Johnny finish last, but at least Devyn didn’t whine the hole time.


  • Bananas & Nany: 2 hours, 19 min, 14 sec
  • Zach & Laurel: 2 hours, 39 min, 36 sec
  • Johnny & Devyn: 2 hours, 52 min, 45 sec

Stage 4: 25 Mile Bike


It’s night time, but before the cast can go to bed they must ride 25 miles on a stationary bike. Everyone is cold and complainy, except Bananas and Laurel. Nany reaches her breaking point because her feet are cold and complains to production. They say she can warm herself up by the fire, but her time will still run, so she gets back on the bike. Of course, Devyn finishes last as she struggles to motivate herself.


  • Bananas: 1 hour 1 min
  • Johnny: 1 hour 23 min
  • Zach: 1 hour 31 min
  • Laurel: 1 hour 32 min
  • Nany: 1 hour 50 min
  • Devyn: 2 hours 43 min

Stage 5: Climbing the Volcano


The next day the cast are given their final, but most difficult task: the must reach the summit of a volcano. They all start at the same time, but Johnny R. manages to take the lead. Bananas trails him, and Zach is in third complaining. Johnny reaches the top first and makes up a good amount of time because Bananas reaches the top. For the girls, Laurel and Nany are neck & neck, while Devyn is waaaay far behind. Laurel and Nany reach the top at about the same time. Devyn is struggling, but manages to motivate herself and reach the top hours later.


  • Johnny: 2 hours 4 min
  • Bananas: 2 hours 36 min
  • Laurel: 3 hours 10 min 38 sec
  • Nany: 3 hours 10 min 42 sec
  • Zach: 3 hours 37 min
  • Devyn: 4 hours 30 min



Bananas pulls out his fifth win while Laurel gets her first. Johnny and Nany finish is second. Devyn and Zach come in third.

Cumulative Times:

  • Bananas: 8 hours 11 min 1 sec
  • Johnny: 8 hours 48 min 52 sec
  • Zach: 10 hours 15 min 57 sec
  • Laurel: 9 hours 26 min 8 sec
  • Nany: 9 hours 34 min 49 sec
  • Devyn: 12 hours 39 min 3 sec



  1. never ever ever do a stage finals, top 5 worst finals
    and this was a boring reunion, i say devyn and cara maria host the rest, when they opend their mouths it got interesting/entertaining
    kinda dissapointing season overall :/

  2. I actually really enjoyed this final
    1.not a big zach fan so happy to see come in third
    2.bananas has grew on me the last couple seasons so im ok with him winning
    3.Laurel deserved her win
    4.nany suprisingly hung with laurel the entire way so she deserves props for that

    1. According to these times Laurel had about 567 minutes of time and Nany had about 548 minutes of time.

  3. I’m really happy for Devyn. She gave it her all and she never gave up. She looked dead tired on the bike she persevered and proved that she did deserve to be there.

    Over all, though, this wasn’t a very interesting final to watch and I didn’t feel invested in the remaining players. I hope that the next challenge returns to team-based play and brings back older challengers who have been out of the game for a while.

  4. I’m not buying those second stage times. In the episode it is said that its a 10k run followed by a puzzle. 10k ~ 6miles and considering all the teams were walking at some point there’s no way they could finish the run in 90min must less spend 30 more min on the puzzle

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