Challenge: Free Agents

The Challenge Free Agents Reunion in 20 Bullets

Like most reunions, not a lot happened. It wasn’t live this time and there were no surprise punches. So here’s everything you need to know in 5 minutes or less.

1. Bananas and Laurel are happy they won, not sure what they’ll do with the money.

2. For Devyn, winning was most about heart and proving something to herself.


3. Nany thought she had a chance once she and Bananas passed Laurel and Zach on the mountain.

4. Johnny R. will not stop talking about his “love” for the draw.

5. Everyone’s still pissed about Theresa for flipping her votes.

6. Laurel and Theresa argue. Laurel says “are you gonna cry?” to which Theresa responds “why don’t a punch you right now?” Laurel gets in Theresa’s face but no punches are thrown. Probably because security guard Mosely jumped into action by saying “no violence please.”


7. Theresa is “over it” and blocked/unfollowed everyone on Twitter.

8. Jordan claims that he wanted to eliminate Bananas because he wanted to “take out the best.” Bananas says that Jordan only claims this because he lost the elimination round.


9. Bananas thinks Jordan flipping the cards was a bad move because the purpose of the game is to avoid elimination. Jordan says he’ll make money later in life.

10. Jordan got in trouble for trying to say good-bye to Laurel after his elimination.

11. Laurel and Jordan are still together.

12. Nany gets mad at Bananas because he says he felt bad for Cohutta and claims Nany waited days before telling Cohutta she hooked up with Johnny R. Nany claims she told Cohutta the next morning, and her and Cohutta weren’t “together.”


13. Nany and Cohutta are very much into each other. Cohutta asks Nany to “go to the prom with him,” and Nany says yes. I guess they’re official now?

14. Jessica and Dustin have nothing going on. When she got home she tried to visit him only to discover he had another girlfriend.

15. Laurel and Cara Maria said that they’re falling apart wasn’t quick. Cara Maria says that Laurel was making a lot of little digs throughout the season and had a blow-up during a van ride that was unaired. Laurel claims Cara Maria was very clingy and constantly claiming they were “best friends” and getting jealous when she talked to other people.

16. Laurel apologized to Cara Maria and gave her a book of insults and comebacks for the next time she got into an argument.


17. Preston hates clothes?

18. At one point Devyn fell asleep on a bus and was taken to the bus station. No one notices.

19. Devyn brings 4 wigs per Challenge.

20. Zach really does know his Disney Princesses.

And yes, CT was there, but he barely got to talk. He shaved his beard though.



  1. Little late on here but did anyone else notice how Jordan wasn’t that thrilled when he said “happily” when describing his relationship with Laurel?

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