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Throwback: Did Adam Deserve to Leave The Duel 2?

If you watched The Duel 2, you saw one of the most gruesome fights ever presented on reality television. During this fight, CT punched his rival Adam in the face, then continued to run through the house trying to find Adam for a second round. As production tried to separate the two and evict them from the house, they ended up fighting in a parking lot. In his attempts to kill Adam, CT apparently slid his face against a brick wall which resulted in some facial bleeding.


If you saw the fight, you know that Adam was instigating drama between CT and Diem by telling Diem that CT had hooked up with Shauvon. Given the fact that Adam and CT have had prior arguments, Adam may have been attempting to get revenge. When they first confronted each other (verbally) Adam tried to throw a drink on CT (but the cup was empty). When CT mentioned fighting, Adam gently tapped CT on the stomach, a motion indicating he was ready to fight. Then the first punch was thrown.

However, Adam was never violent toward CT. Yes, he did try to throw a drink on CT, but CT poured a drink on Adam’s head during The Gauntlet 3 and received no punishment. Adam did not violently touch CT until CT threw the first real punch. While Adam may have instigated drama with CT, The Challenge encourages drama but not violence.

So do you think Adam’s eviction from The Duel 2 was deserved?


  1. This was years ago; let’s move on! CT was in a bad place then. We all have our moments! Can anyone reading this say they have no regrets? I think not!

    1. This was clearly named Flashback Friday, which I am doing because there’s no new current Real World/Challenge seasons airing. And this post is centered around Adam’s involvement. I know CT was in a bad place, but Adam wasn’t (to my knowledge).

  2. This is a very short list, but if there are players who did not deserve to leave a challenge early, Sarah, Heather (Marter) and Camila would be included. Heather was Dustin’s partner when he suffered a knee injury on “Battle of the Exes.” We all know about Sarah’s issues with partners (“Battle of the Exes” and “Rivals II”). Big EZ was Camila’s reason for being eliminated from a challenge in “Battle of the Seasons,” when he quit during the “Water Torture” arena.

  3. Erase my last comment or ignore it. It was off topic. Adam should not have been sent home, in my opinion. Flashback Friday is great! You do a good job!

  4. I think everybody forgets that Adam threw a few punches, specifically the one that hit Dunbar instead of CT

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