Is The Challenge a Relationship Saver?

Based on their social media activity, it’s pretty obvious that Trey and Laura are not on the next Challenge. Rumor has it they were alternates, probably because people forget that The Real World was ever in St. Thomas. After Battle of the Seasons, it seems the two were in a bad place and weren’t talking.


Fortunately, it seems the possibility of being teammates as sparked the two to resume talking. While they’re certainly not a couple again, their Twitter interactions have been quite friendly. So it seems that The Challenge can bring people together just as quickly as it can tear them apart.

A little positivity for you, mostly because there’s no other news to report.


  1. I’ve been rewatching the Battle of Seasons 2 over the past few days and they actually seemed super close on the show. They cried together when Trey felt ganged up on in the house. They kissed after almost every challenge. They went in to the elimination round together and support each other from start to finish in the game. Something happened after the show? I don’t watch RW anymore so I didn’t see them together on the St. Thomas season but sounds like few people watched that season anyway…Anyone mind giving brief background here for folks who didn’t watch that season?

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