Are You The One?

Are You the One: Rating Suckage

I really gave this show a shot considering its cast is going to be weaved into The Challenge, but it seems like no one else wants to give it a shot. Compared to last season, the ratings have plummeted. Here’s the overall viewership for the first 4 episodes:

Episode 1: 715,000 viewers

Episode 2: 655,500 viewers

Episode 3: 631,000 viewers

Episode 4: ????, not in the top 50 cable airings of the night


I’m not at all surprised by this. I always thought Are You the One was a show that just coattailed on Teen Mom’s success because the initial season aired following Teen Mom 2. Granted, I somehow found myself enthralled by the season, but it didn’t seem like it was achieving stand-along success.

I really feel MTV jumped the gun on this one, because the second season isn’t even half a popular as the first.

What do these poor ratings mean for the future of the show, and the future of The Challenge?

Well, it doesn’t seem like a third season of Are You the One is likely because it’s just not a profitable show for MTV. The show is also trying to pull in new viewers and seems unable to do that. For all new shows on MTV it seems difficult to establish a fan base. Shows like Teen Mom 2 and Awkward seem to have a loyal fan base that has remained consistent over the past 4 years.

For the Challenge and The Real World it seems like it will be difficult to get new viewers to watch the show. If a second season of Are You the One can’t pull in viewers, it seems unlikely that the addition of AYTO kids on The Challenge will rake in numbers. It also seems like new shows are getting very little attention on MTV. While The Real World does have an established fan base, it looks like it will be hard to get new viewers, and that’s why the twists have been incorporated into the show.

Hopefully The Challenge and The Real World aren’t plagued with the luck of Are You the One.


  1. I find it really sad though because I genuinely like Are You The One. I’d even say this season is better than the first. The problem is that it’s almost like a remixed MTV version of The Bachelor. If they followed the formula of bringing past people back or giving favorites future chances, I think it’d be better. Shows on VH1 like Rock of Love back in the day were popular because of the drama and the same idea repeating itself in a marketable way. I’m still annoyed at Teen Mom 3 getting cancelled but stupid shows like Faking It stick. I don’t know, just my thoughts. I can’t imagine RW or The Challenge ending. It’s all MTV has left from their music and TRL era. Lol. That’s another thing, if something like TRL came back, all these cast members could make appearances and promote better. Or artists featured on the shows could help tangle the two. I just think the advertising is messed up. Maybe they need to have an MTV Reality Award Show to remind us all of past drama. Honestly, I’d watch that. I miss some of the Road Rules people. They recycle too many of the same people on the challenges. Lol. PS – I’m heartbroken that Curtis and Brianna are not a match. Seriously.

  2. This last episode was really good – like they’re all kind of crazy, but it’s totally fun to watch. I’m surprised that more people aren’t tuning in. Granted the cast this season is not half as electric as the polarizing personalities of the first season, but they’re all pretty watchable. I think there will be a third season, despite the ratings, because they’re already casting for it on MTV. com. We’ll see though. They need to can the After Show though, it’s so awkward and hard to watch. They would do better to get rid of it and put in traditional promo scenes – instead of making us sit through an “live” breakdown post-show (it’s just soooo weak!). These days, I feel like the only reason RW is still on is to maintain a talent pool for the cast of the challenges – although most of us don’t like the newbies and always end up routing for our old favorites. But I guess young blood is necessary for longevity. I don’t think it’s wise for them to pull in the cast of “Are You The One?” for challenges, it’s a totally different show. I WOULD be interested in seeing a S1 vs. S2 “Are You The One?” challenge – that would be pretty explosive!

  3. The twist of adding a extra girl was good at first but seems pointless now knowing when a perfect match is made she would have to go home if she was the guys second perfect match. They should keep her in the house to add suspense to the season and make the season a little harder then the first season.

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