Diem Brown

Diem Faces Another Set Back During Battle with Cancer

More heartbreaking news for those of you who are keeping with the Diem. Her third battle with cancer has been a roller coaster. The lows have come in the form of set backs and medical challenges while the ups have come in the form of her positivity and support from friends and fans.

This week, according to People.com, Diem discovered that her cancer has spread to her liver and lymph nodes. This news is saddening to all who know Diem, but it does give some answers to the cause of her relentless pain. The news has been challenging for Diem to fully digest, but she remains hopeful about her future.

In some brighter news, Real World San Diego alumnae Jamie Chung posted a picture with Diem calling her a beauty and a source of inspiration. Along with the compliments was encouragement to donate to Diem on her site MedGift.


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  1. This is bad news! I’m really sad that this is happening to such a beautiful and strong girl. Has she received any chemotherapy yet?
    In the meantime, she is in my prayers!

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