Real World Skeletons

Real World Skeletons: Meet the Cast

The official MTV cast photos have arrived, and in true MTV fashion the photos depict the cast in awkward and unflattering poses. In this post I am going to introduce you to the cast, post their bio, and link you to their Twitters so you can obsess before the show even airs.

Bruno Bettencourt

rwsbrunoThis stylish sensitive ladies man from East Providence loves to dress to impress and spends 30 minutes a day sprucing his hair. Born in Portugal, on the island of Pico, Bruno was raised with old-fashioned values and following Portuguese traditions such as a ceremonial slaughtering of pigs. He loved his time on the island and even had his own pet cow! Although he has close with his father, their relationship was filled with tough love. Bruno was raised with tough love, sent to a Catholic school where discipline was not always verbal, and as a result, developed a bad temper. When he moved to the states, Bruno was bullied because he didn’t speak English very well. Bruno has a tough exterior, and isn’t intimidated by anyone. Once Bruno was arguing with his then girlfriend and stormed out of the house in a huff. While walking through the snow he was hit by a car going almost 50 mph and had to reteach himself how to walk and talk again. Despite the life altering experience, Bruno wears his scars proudly like a tattoo and feels the accident taught him to let go of his anger. Quite stubborn, Bruno hasn’t spoken to his brother Briah (a model in NYC) in three years because of a petty argument. Bruno is excited to test the waters outside of his small town in Providence and bring his unique style, culture and attitude to the Real World.

Jason Hill

rwsjasonThis smooth talking, southern Casanova makes waves with the ladies whose hearts he easily captures. Jason was fantastic as a car salesman but lost his job and now dreams of making it big as a model. A true Mama’s boy, Jason was raised by his young mother, who gave birth to him when she was 18, and he grew up not knowing his father. Money has always tight and been a serious concern for Jason and his mother. Growing up there where times, when Jason and his mother had live with light from a lantern. In school, he was the nerdy poor kid with glasses- but when got contacts he went from Urkel to Jaleel attracting lots of attention from the girls. Jason would like to one-day meet the man who chose a life without the presence of his son and has learned a valuable lesson from his father: he will never walk out on his own child.

Madison Walls

rwsmadisonThis flirty, gorgeous, and naive Texan blonde is known for stealing guy’s hearts and bubbly personality and Marilyn Monroe-like persona. At the age of 3, Madison and her mother trekked to California to make it in show biz. When she wasn’t being homeschooled, she spent her childhood either at the pool or acting in commercials, movies, and TV shows. She would often commute back to Texas to join her competitive cheerleading team as their “flyer.” In high school, though, things took an unexpected and drastic turn. Madison began dating a boy who turned her on to recreational prescription drugs – which led to her using heroin. Despite her dark past, Madison is focused on new beginnings, building close female friendships, and finding herself again.

Nicole Zanatta

rwsnicoleStraight out of Staten Island, this EMT splits her time between saving lives and hooking up with girls. Nicole is extremely competitive, and found an outlet for it by becoming the first female on her football team. As a triplet, larger-than-life Nicole is also no stranger to conflict. The sisters all still live under the same roof and their arguments are legendary. Nicole doesn’t know how to vacuum, do laundry, or clean dishes! Coming from a traditional Italian family and with her two sisters now both engaged, Nicole is feeling the heat to start settling down but can’t shake her player ways. When she’s not hooking up with the flavor of the week, she spends most her time in the gym training to become a fire fighter. Nicole can’t wait to bring a whole lot of Staten Island to Chicago…”we’re all just a bunch of animals here!”

Sylvia Elsrode

rwssylviaSassy Sylvia is a gorgeous Mexican-American bartender and aspiring actress out of Kansas City who loves being in the spotlight at all times. Raised in Texas, Sylvia was brought up to cherish cultural traditions like tequila drink-offs. While she embraces being a serial dater and having a roster of men back home, she longs to find love. She’s doubtful that she’ll find love and almost always gravitates towards dysfunctional romantic relationships. Sylvia is always the first to crack a joke and make everyone laugh. She dances to her own drum and refuses to let anyone control her or put her in her place. Laugh with her, prank with her, dance with her… but cross her the wrong way and meet her hot fiery temper!

Tony Raines

rwstonyThis handsome Southern charmer from the bayou really does want to one-day find love but currently has a habit of not being able to keep faithful to one girl. Like James Bond, girls want to be with him and guys want to be him. He spent his youth awkward, overweight and self-conscious. Now, girls flock to him! Tony is no stranger to hard work, and was employed at a chemical plant but recently has been on leave due to knee surgery caused by a skirmish with a crazy ex. Tony was raised by his single-mother and his parents were never married. He doesn’t have his father’s last name because at the time of his birth his parents were on the outs. Sadly, his father passed away due to a heart failure when Tony was 12 and the incident haunts him to this day. Tony can’t stand it when guys disrespect women and will not hesitate to save a damsel in distress.

Violetta Milerman

rwsviolettaVioletta’s extremely outgoing and brash personality is either loved or hated, but it certainly demands the attention of any room. Violetta and her mother immigrated to America over a decade ago to escape the harsh living conditions of their home country, Moldova. She currently lives in Sarasota, FL where she’s known for her hard-partying ways. In high school, she admittedly was a hard-edged bully that got wrapped up with the wrong crowd. She since spent some time in Colorado where she feels she grew into a better person; even apologizing to some of the people she’s hurt in her past. She resides with her mom and father, and continues to do what she does best: party and refers her party girl alter-ego persona as “Claryse!” Violetta is currently going to college where she studies marketing and entertainment communications and anyone who knows her agrees, there’s never a dull moment!


  1. This article basically gives you a pretty good idea of what “skeletons” are coming out except for Sylvia and Nicole. Here are my thoughts

    Bruno – his brother
    Jason – his real dad
    Madison – the heroin ex
    Tony – The girl that shattered his knee
    Violetta – someone she bullied

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