10 Things to Notice in the Real World Skeletons Trailer

The Real World Skeletons trailer was a quick one, but there’s a lot of info packed into those 62 seconds. Here are some of the moments you would have missed if you blinked. I’m going to warn you that this post contains mild spoilers and some of the pics are kind of fuzzy.

1. It looks like Tony and Madison are a thing. This is actually referenced multiple times in the trailer.

skeltrail82. Bruno and Sylvia are a thing or have a fling. At the very least they kiss in a confessional.

skeltrail63. Sylvia and Violetta become really close friends. Maybe just to make Bruno jealous?

skeltrail34. The skeletons arrive separately, likely meaning each episode will be centered around a different cast member. Also, the cast is surprised to see the skeletons, but that’s not really a spoiler.

skeltrail75.Girls will fight! I’m not sure who these two are, but I’m guessing it’s Violetta and her skeleton.

skeltrail156. Tony is visited by an ex… or 2.

skeltrail177. Jason’s skeleton is really old.

skeltrail198. This looks like it was filmed outside of the house, but Jason may be a father?!

skeltrail209. Some people may benefit from the skeletons twist.I’m guessing this is Madison and her skeleton.

skeltrail2210. To make a skeleton feel unwelcome, Violetta tosses her luggage over the ledge.

skeltrail25BONUS: While Violetta is telling production she might murder someone, there is a wall behind her containing the names of former Real Worlders:



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