Battle of the Exes 2

Battle of the Exes 2: The Truths Behind the Pairings

Exes. All 13 of the pairs on the upcoming season started somewhere and ended somewhere. While some of these couples lasted for years, others lasted for just an evening. Regardless of the duration of the relationship, let’s check out the backstory to all of the pairings on this season.

CT & Diem


It breaks my heart to say this, but we all know how this ends.

CT met Diem during the filming of the first Duel season. As Diem was recovering from her first battle with cancer, CT was her new support system. The relationship quickly blossomed and after sharing a memorable kiss that Diem thought she hid from the camera, the two were labeled a pair. Their relationship continued on The Gauntlet 3, and while things were fairly bumpy the two remained a pair throughout.

On The Duel 2, they were broken up because Diem wanted to focus on her career. CT hooked up with rookie Shauvon, and CT got into a humungous fight when Adam told Diem about his secret hookup. After this, their relationship seemed unfixable .

In 2012, when the pair competed together on the first Battle of the Exes, communication started flowing again. While they didn’t become an item again, viewers certainly saw that same spark that was seen on The Duel. We rooted for this team to win, only to watch victory slip through their fingers during the last moments of the final challenge. When the two both appeared on Rivals 2 in 2013, they seemed to have a unique but close relationship. CT fooled around with the other girls, but at the end of the day he always came back to Diem. After Rivals 2, the two apparently spent a lot of time together. It’s unclear whether or not they dated again, but they were certainly had some type of relationship.

During Exes 2 we will see some of their final moments together. Be prepared to cry.

Jay & Jenna


We all knew that Battle of the Exes 2 was inevitable when season 29 of The Real World introduced the “Ex-Plosion” theme. When Jay entered the house he was kind of a player who boasted that he had a couple of girls at home. One of those girls was Jenna, who entered the house as his ex. Jay tried to put his player ways in the past, Jenna never felt she was getting the respect- or label- she deserved when dating Jay. Now, Jenna has a label with Jay… his ex.

Zach & Jonna



On Battle of the Season, Jonna dumped her boyfriend and pursued a relationship with Zach. The two spent the duration of the season making out and keeping each other safe from The Arena (when possible). After the show, Zach allegedly cheated on Jonna with Ashlee from Real World: New Orleans. Needless to say the relationship ended, and two have created some awkward tension on subsequent Challenges.

Dustin & Jessica


On Free Agents, Jessica was immediately attracted to Dustin and the two spent the duration of his stay Uruguay getting to know each other. This relationship received approval from Dustin’s good friend Nany, but Dustin was quickly eliminated from the show. Jessica wanted to try to pursue the relationship after Free Agents, but by the time she was sent home Dustin has moved on to another girl.

Adam & Brittany


On Are You the One, Brittany immediately fell in love with Adam. After two sentences, Adam decided he wasn’t interested but Brittany was convinced they were a perfect match. She spent the duration of the season cooing over Adam, but Adam was only interest in taking Brittany to the boom boom room. Despite Brittany’s feeling, they were not a perfect match. They won the money on Are You the One, and perhaps this athletic duo could win more money on Battle of the Exes.

Johnny & Averey


On Real World Portland, Johnny and Averey quickly fell for each other. They spent most of the season kissing, banging, fighting, and banging again. After their season. Averey moved to Massachusetts to be with Johnny. Eventually, Johnny suspected Averey of cheating though she denied it. They went on a break during the filming of Free Agents, and Johnny’s hookup with Nany was the straw that broke this relationship’s back.

Knight & Jemmye

Exes2KnightJemmye On Real World New Orleans, Jemmye found a friend and ally in Knight. He was supportive of her while she dealt with some of her past issues, and the two made great partners in crime. They dated for over a year after the filming of Real World New Orleans, but broke up before filming Battle of the Seasons when Knight cheated on Jemmye. He vowed to win her back, but she knew the damage was done. During Battle of the Seasons they were able to establish an on-again-off-again friendship that hit some bumps in the road during the filming of Rivals 2.

Sadly, Knight passed away in November but we will see his antics one last time on Exes 2.

Thomas & Hailey


The youngest pair on the cast, this relationship stems back to Thomas & Hailey’s high school days. Hailey is the girl Thomas lost his virginity to, but Thomas was distraught when he found out Hailey was not as innocent. On Real World Ex-Plosion negative feelings resurfaced when Hailey came into the house. Thomas accused Hailey of ruining his experience, but if he wants to win Battle of the Exes 2, Hailey is the most valuable thing this experience.

Wes & Theresa

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 9.11.08 PM

On Fresh Meat 2, Theresa decided it would be cute to hook up with Wes after being denied by Kenny. Wes harbored negatived feelings toward Theresa after discovering he was her second choice, and Challenges fans harbor negative feeling toward Theresa after discovering Wes is not paired with Johanna. On Rivals 2, Wes appeared bitter when he saw Theresa hooking up with Leroy. Perhaps there are some feelings that never disappeared.

John “JJ” & Simone


There was an odd yet undeniable chemistry between JJ and Simone on Are You the One. At the beginning of the season they spent a good amount of time hanging out, but they discovered that they were not a perfect match early into the season. Once they began pursuing other people during the filming of their show, jealousy erupted and bitter words were exchanged. Perhaps they’re not a perfect match, but they might be perfect teammates.

Leroy & Nia



Despite the lack of footage, Leroy and Nia’s hookup has been confirmed by every cast member in the Free Agents household. They liked hook up behind closed doors and emerge with a certain pep in their step. As a viewer, this hook up was only referenced on The Aftershow, but their hook ups will be immortalized in their Challenge pairing.

Jordan & Sarah


Jordan and Sarah hooked up on Rivals 2. While both admit to being attracted to the other, Jordan felt that Sarah was the type of girl you marry, and he was not ready for marriage. Their fling was abruptly ended when Sarah was kicked off the Challenge when her partner quit. On Battle of the Exes 2, Jordan is forced to be tied to Sarah… unless he quits and sends Sarah home like every other partner she had.

Johnny Bananas & Nany

Exes2NanyJohnny Like most people, you’re probably asking “why are Johnny Bananas and Nany a team?” Well, there’s no clear answers by rumors have flown around. On Free Agents, Nany appeared appalled by the concept of hooking up with Bananas, but the truth may be that they had already hooked up. Rumor stated that they hooked up multiple times, but never on camera. Much like Camila, Johnny has managed to sneak his way onto the Challenge was an under-the-radar hook up.

Either way, Nany Bananas is a force to be reckoned with.


  1. Not sure if you’re exaggerating, but Sarah’s partners on Fresh Meat II and Rivals didn’t quit on her. Also Nia admitted to having a “protein shake” on the Free Agents after show.

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