Battle of the Exes 2

Battle of the Exes 2: Power Rankings

With under 10 days remaining before the premier of Battle of the Exes 2, I think now is a good time to check out which teams have the best and worst shots of taking home the gold. Starting with the weakest, I am going to rank which team has the last potential to the team with the most.

For this list, I am not including CT and Diem, because we all know their story.

12. John Jacobs & Simone- Even after watching Are You the One? I don’t know much about their abilities or their athletic backgrounds. What I do know is they’re lacking one thing, and that’s muscle. Add in the fact that they’re rookies and you’ve got a recipe for failure.

11. Thomas & Hailey- Hopefully the fact that Thomas “earns” his living as a tennis instructor gives him some athletic abilities, because these two are looking pretty weak when stacked next to the other teams. Another rookie team, their chances of seeing early elimination is high.

10. Jemmye & Knight- We saw these two compete as a duo for a short time on Battle of the Seasons, and their performance was just a shade above awful. Jemmye has her moments, but we all know Knight prefers partying to competing. Maybe their personalities can help them stick around, but it’d be a shocker to see them beat one of the bigger teams.

Exes2KnightJemmye9. Jay & Jenna- Jay is not a complete weakling. He does work out a lot and has the body to prove it, but he is still one of the smallest guys and that’s going to be a disadvantage. Jenna, on the other hand, is one of the taller girls and may be able to use her size as an advantage. If that fails, she could use her beauty to get ahead. Despite the fact that they have some assets, they’re still rookies.

8. Adam & Birttany- My pick for best newbie team, there’s no denying that Adam has a good physique. Brittany allegedly also had an athletic backgrounds. But being complete rookies comes with a severe disadvantage and they’re going to face the brunt of that struggle on Exes 2.

7. Jessica & Dustin- I’m on the fence with this team. Dustin has a good run on Battle of the Seasons while Jessica had a good run on Free Agents. If those Challenges were my only assessments of their abilities, they’d be higher on the list. However, both Challengers have had poor performances in the past that leads me to believe there’s a possibility of them catching an early flight home.

6. Johnny & Averey- After a successful run on Free Agents, Johnny solidified himself as an athletic rookie. More importantly, he made friends with a lot of the vets. However, he comes to this Challenge with Averey. If she was a solo competitor, I’d think Averey had a lot of potential, but she seems to have a lot of baggage with Johnny that could drag this team down.

5. Wes & Theresa- Both people on this teams are know to self-destruct, meaning that they stab the wrong person in the back and get sent home as a result. They both tend to have different alliances on every Challenge, but never had a strong support group. By themselves, they’re probably a strong team, but they’ll have to fight harder than others to get to the end.

4. Zach & Jonna- Coming off of a lackluster 3rd place finish on Free Agents, my faith in Zach has fallen. Jonna continues to be a mediocre player, but aside from his performance on the Free Agents final Zach is one of the best. If Zach and keep himself level-headed, Jonna can probably hang on for the ride.

3. Leroy & Nia- I have a lot of faith in this team. They’ve got size on their side, and Leroy has a lot of friends on these shows. I’m assuming that Nia has more potential than she demonstrated in the Looper elimination on Free Agents, and that makes this team contenders for the gold.

2. Sarah & Jordan- Both of these players have a lot of potential, but also have flaws so big that they’ve never won a Challenge before. Jordan likes to shit-talk his way into trouble, while Sarah likes to pick partners who will buy her an early flight home. If these to get their act together, they should be able to make it to the final.


Exes2JordanSarah-This is where CT & Diem would be-

1. Johnny & Nany- Looking strictly at prior history, this is the team that stands above the rest. Johnny has 5 victories, and Nany just finished in second on Free Agents. We know that can win eliminations and challenges, it’s just a matter of them avoiding conflicts that will jeopardize their game.

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