5 Reasons to Tune Into Battle of the Exes 2

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 11.26.31 PMPerhaps you’re one of the many Americans who have tuned out of MTV. You’re not alone, no one is watching that network. However, I’d like to remind you that there are many reasons you should tune in tonight at 11 PM for Battle of the Exes 2, and here are 5 of those reasons:

1. The Exes Are Real– For the most part, I’d consider these pairings valid pairings. Sure, there are people like Johnny Bananas & Nany or Leroy & Nia that really don’t make sense, but the pairings are just as valid (if not more) than the first season of Exes.

2. Fan Favorites Are Back- This season seems to mesh all of the favorites from Rivals 2 and Free Agents. We have CT, Johnny, Zach, Diem, Sarah, and Nany. While some people may be missing, this can is a step above last season.

3. There’s a Twist– Looking for something new in The Challenge? Now losing elimination does not necessarily kick you out of the game. You’re just “Ex-iled,” which give you the chance to fight your way back into the game.

4. The Challenges Are as Intense as Ever- The first challenge will have the cast suspended hundreds of feet into the air, and it’s just going to get more intense and awkward from there. If the preview is any indicator, this season will have a lot of good battles.

5. Diem & Knight- I may be stating the painfully obvious here, but this will be Diem and Knight’s final performances on The Challenge. This is our last chance to see them, and it’s not something any Challenge fan should miss.


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Tune Into Battle of the Exes 2

  1. Loved the first episode, but it made me so sad when Diem talked about her future/ kids. Can’t wait (although it’ll be extremely sad) for the rest of the season. Not liking this rookie situation though.

  2. I do not know how this the teams are more valid then the first exes. Production just gives Johnny off screen rumored hookups just to further him into the game. If they are willing to give Nany more money then I do not see why they cannot give Casey the same.

    • I think this season has more real exes. CT & Diem, Knight & Jemmye, Johnny & Averey, Thomas & Hailey, Jay & Jenna, Zach & Jonna. This is compared to: CT & Diem, Mark & Robin, debatably Abe & Cara Maria.

      Also, Johnny & Nany is about as legitimate as Johnny & Camila. Nany was production’s 3rd or 4th choice for Bananas this season. Had they found another competitor for Bananas, Nany would have been with Cohutta.

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