Battle of the Exes 2

Which Rookie Team Stands the Best Chance?

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.36.44 PMRookies have a hard path cut out for them if they want to win a Challenge. This season, we have 9 complete Challenge newbies competing and after the first episode some of them have made impressive debuts.

Thomas & Hailey– I was shocked when Hailey finished I Got You Babe challenge. Neither Thomas nor Hailey stuck me as the athletic type, so seeing them successfully work together probably surprised a few people. Add in the fact that Thomas has already sold his soul to the devil (AKA Wes), and it seems like they might have made a pact to carry them further in the game.

John & Simone– I thought this team had zero potential, but they did perform much better than anticipated on the first challenge. If Simone shuts her mouth and John humors his way into a few friendships, they might have potential to go far in the game.

Jay & Jenna– I had a feeling Jenna would be pretty athletic, and Jay is an athletic guys despite the fact that he looks like he should be one of Santa’s helpers. If they perform well and Jenna establishes a…erm… friendship.. with Zach they might get carried farther in the game. Add in the fact that Jay has allies in Thomas and Wes, and they have a lot of potential.

Adam & Brittany– Looking strictly at physique, Adam is one of the fittest guys on the show. However, his Archilles Heel is going to be Brittany. She seems to need a lot of support from her partner to perform well. However, they overcame the hurdle of winning the first Dome so maybe they can continue doing well.

Johnny & Averey– So we know Johnny has potential after his Free Agents performance, but Averey is a complete newbie, and she proved herself by completing the I Got You Babe challenge. I think this may be one of the most well-rounded teams in terms of capabilities, but communication is going to be a huge issue. Not only are they one of the teams with the longest histories, they’re also one of the (if not the) teams with the most baggage.

Which rookie team do you think will give the best performance on Battle of the Exes 2?

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