Battle of the Exes 2

Have Zach & Jonna Really Formed a Friendship?

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This week we saw Jonna finally get some closure from her break up with Zach. The two were inseparable on Battle of the Seasons, Zach even admitting he was protecting team Cancun because of his relationship with Zach. After the show, Zach went to LA to be with Jonna. Then, he just decided he was done with her. He left with no warning and never responded to her calls or texts. They were done before Jonna even knew it.

After that, they both appeared on Rivals 2 and Free Agents. They barely talked, and Zach was always willing to vote out Jonna.

On this week’s episode, Zach apologized for the way that he left Jonna. Jonna admits that she still has lingering feelings for Zach, but at this point all she wants is a friendship. She know that he has moved on, even though she hasn’t fully.

It’s clear that they can work well together if they try. Zach is a beast and Jonna can pull her own weight, which resulted in their first win of the season on this past episode. Which begs the question: is Zach’s apology sincere? After all, he clearly didn’t give a shit when he left Jonna. He also didn’t give a shit about her on Rivals 2 and Free Agents. So, now that they’re partners it seems like an apology could not have come at a more convenient time.

What do you think?


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