Is Zach Playing Wes’s Game?

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.09.27 PMZach made one thing clear this week: he is not playing Johnny Banana’s game. When Johnny wanted Zach to put Wes first on the Open Arms challenge her refused and put the team in the middle. While Zach didn’t want to cater to Johnny, he surprisingly has an alliance in Wes.

When Wes and Theresa became the Power Couple, Wes seized the opportunity to have a conversation with Zach and discuss his allegiances in the game. Wes told Zach that Zach’s his #1 ally, and he would send in any other team before Zach & Jonna. Surprisingly, Zach’s confessionals revealed that this alliance is important to him. He wants to have the support of Wes in this game, and he jeopardized his position in the game by going against Bananas.

It seems like Wes has an Zach’s ally, but he has guaranteed many people safety in this game. Some examples of this are: Zach, Sarah, Jay, and Thomas (despite the fact that he’s gone). It also seems as though Wes has found friends in many of the rookie teams, and is sitting pretty in this competition.

All of this begs the question of whether or not Zach is being manipulated by Wes. While Zach is being questioned by his allies, Wes continues to have the support of all of his. Wes also likes to make big moves, and Zach is one of the biggest competitors in Wes’s way. Next time Wes is in power, he could easily work to eliminate Zach from the competition and stab him in the back.

What do you think? Is the Zach & Wes alliance sincere?


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