Battle of the Exes 2

Battle of the Exes 2: Top Moments from Episode 7

The exciting conclusions to that cliffhanger Dome.

WARNING: Contains Battle of the Exiled spoilers

1. Leaps of Faith

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 3.27.12 PM

We’re back where we left off last week, in the middle of the Stacking Up Dome. Both Adam and Johnny had stacked their towers and were preparing for the jump. Johnny is taking his time to stand up, but as Adam hastily tries to stand on his feet he doesn’t get the proper footing to jump for the bell. His jump fails and he knocks over his tower. Johnny’s jump was more successful and when he reached for the bell he gets it. This success keeps Johnny & Averey in the game and sends Adam & Brittany to Exile.

2. Questionable Behavior

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 3.30.59 PM

It’s trivia week, and now that Adam & Brittany are gone, the challenge has taken the name Are You the One? Each player is suspended in a hammock and asked a series of questions. Getting two questions wrong will cause both members of the team to fall out of the hammock and into the water. Jay & Jenna are the first team to get a question wrongs, but shortly afterwards other teams start to answer incorrectly. Johnny & Averey manage to become the first team to accumulate two incorrect answers and fall into the water and earn a spot in The Dome. Jay & Jenna continue to guess correctly and are sitting next to Jordan & Sarah as the final two teams. Jay tried to cut a deal with Jordan & Sarah to keep himself and Jenna safe if their team wins, but Jordan declines knowing that he’d want to send Jay & Jenna against Johnny. However, a miracle happens and Jay & Jenna win the challenges making them the power couple.

3. Inferior Behavior

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 3.35.19 PM

Sarah is getting really frustrated with Jordan, especially after they lose the challenge and Jordan declined the offer Jay extended. They try to find a way to remove the targets from their backs when speaking with Jay & Jenna. So, Sarah asks Jordan to shut up and tells him that he’s an unlikable asshole. Jordan admits he messed up, but doesn’t appreciate Sarah’s name calling.

4. Making Friends and Enemies

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 3.38.29 PM

Seeing potential in Jordan & Sarah, Jay & Jenna agree to keep them out of The Dome provided they stay safe when Sarah & Jordan win Power Couple next. Sarah accepts, and by process of elimination Jay & Jenna decide to send in Leroy & Nia. Leroy is shocked when Jay tells him, and promises that he will get revenge. Despite warnings from Leroy, Jay sticks to his guns and sends that team into The Dome.

5. Getting Hooked

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 3.45.15 PM

This week’s Dome is called Hooking Up, and the goal is to take a carabiner being suspended from a rope and attach it to a clips on the back of your opponent. Leroy & Johnny go first, and Leroy is able to clip the carabiner onto Johnny’s harness fairly quickly despite a strong fight from Johnny. Then Nia goes against Averey, and the battle begins with a flashback to their fight on Real World Portland. Averey takes the approach of stealthily watching Nia, knowing Nia is bigger and taller. After an hour and a half, the girls are still trying and sweating. Eventually, they trip to clip carabiners, and Nia gets her carabiner on Averey first solidifying her win with Leroy.

Battle of the Exiled: Banana Logs

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 9.12.31 PM

The Battle of the Exiled game is called Control Issues and it’s a good old fashioned game of Pole Wrestle. Adam faces Bananas first and puts up a strong fight, but eventually Bananas gets the pole out of Adams hands. The Brittany faces Nany, and Nany takes the pole out of Brittany’s hands with easy. After 3 Dome wins, Adam & Brittany quickly amass two losses and are heading home.


  1. How pathetic was Brittany in that exile though? Pretty sure Casey or Brooke from Denver could’ve put up more of a fight

    1. Do you mean Averey? I don’t think Brittany did anything wrong in her elimination of just giving boxes to Adam.

      It didn’t seem like much of an effort on either part, especially after listening to an interview with Reilly today where he shed some light on the fact that the producers had to step in a couple of times to tell the girls to continue because they kept just stopping/stalling (hence it taking an hour). So I’m not really sure whether to give credit to Averey for hanging in against a tough opponent or be disappointed in Nia.

  2. Really glad all the Are You The One cast are gone, but sad to see Johnny and Avery go since we’ve seen trailers for the rest of the season.

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