Battle of the Exes 2

Did Jay & Jenna Make the Right Choice By Saving Sarah & Jordan?

In the most shocking moment of Battle of the Exes 2, Jay & Jenna beat Sarah & Jordan in a trivia challenge.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 3.35.08 PM

No one really know how such an event occurred, but inevitably it left Jay & Jenna with some tough decisions. When they were still competing, they offered to make an alliance with Sarah & Jordan where they’d keep each other safe if they won. Jordan declined knowing that the losing team, Johnny & Averey, would want to compete against Jay & Jenna in The Dome.

Then Jay & Jenna won, and they had every reason to send in Sarah & Jordan. Instead, they decided to keep Sarah & Jordan safe because they have a lot of potential to win future challenges. Of course, Sarah & Jordan agreed to keep Jay & Jenna safe next time they won, but they knew their asses were on the line. Because Sarah & Jordan were safe, Jay decided that his best option was to send in Leroy & Nia. Upon hearing the news, Leroy told Jay that he would get revenge for being sent into The Dome.

Of course, Leroy & Nia won The Dome. So now Jay  & Jenna have a new ally and new enemy.

Was this a smart move? We know that Sarah & Jordan have potential to win, but we also know that they have other allies. The fact that Jordan wanted to send Jay & Jenna into The Dome against his friend Johnny shows that he believes Jay & Jenna will likely lose. If he believes this, he will likely turn his back on them and send them into The Dome whenever he gets the chance.

However, sending Leroy & Nia into The Dome did present a potential opportunity for Jay & Jenna to make an ally. If they sent in Sarah & Jordan they would have never made a new ally, but they also wouldn’t have become enemies with Leroy & Nia.

So was it a good choice to try and form a new alliance with Sarah & Jordan?


  1. Leroy and Nia coming back actually saves Jay’s game for the simple fact that if Johnny and Averey won, Jay wouldn’t be Jordan’s priority to make a final when he has Johnny, Wes and Zach as his top picks which he’ll dropped off Wes before the other two for a final three. Jay would be the fifth wheel. I say that could have been the only chance to get rid of Jordan and Sarah and have Wes and Theresa/Zach and Jonna carry you. Just like Jay and Jenna randomly won Leroy and Nia could win one, you never know, and now they have a target. But either way Jay is safe, his team sucks and everyone wants him i the final.

  2. I think it was a dumb move. Leroy and Nia physically are the best team there but I do not see them being good at a final if it involves swimming, certain puzzles, and possibly endurance. Even Jordan and Sarah had issues with the mountain/puzzle challenge but they are great swimmers, good at puzzles, and have decent endurance. I honestly think Johnny/Averey could of beaten Jordan/Sarah in that elimination.

  3. I think it was a smart move in that, they couldn’t throw in Zach, because of Jenna, so they’re safe with them. We know that the final will most likely have swimming (which Lee isn’t best at) so that puts them ahead for a little bit of the final.

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