Real World Skeletons

Madison’s Second Skeleton: Is MTV Taking it Too Far?

If you follow the official Real World accounts on Facebook and Twitter, or evidently if you read my blog, the anonymous sender of Madison’s flowers has been revealed. I don’t think I really need to say this at this point, but this post will contain some spoilers.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 6.50.28 PM

Yes, Madison’s ex is coming to visit.

As all viewers know, Madison has opened up about her former addiction and battle with heroine. Madison’s first Skeleton was her sister, who loves her dearly but distanced herself from Madison while she was battling addiction. While this experience may have had its challenges for a recovering Madison,  it seems like it was a fulfilling experience that helped her to repair a damaged relationship.

On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend may be diving too deep into her dark past. We know Madison spent a lot of her time during her addiction with her boyfriend, and her stories paint the picture that her boyfriend was, or still is, addicted to heroine. For a recovering addict this may be introducing a trigger than could cause her to relapse. We also know that looking at her mug shot embarrasses Madison and make her upset about her past. Brining back her boyfriend will likely flood her with unpleasant memories of a difficult time in her life. This really seems like an unhealthy situation for a recovering addict to be placed in. All of this is added in with the stress of having an ex in her house along with Tony, her current boyfriend.

Of course, there is the possibility that this will give her more closure. It may provide her with a safe environment to discuss her past with her ex while having the support of her roommates. For the most part, the skeletons have mended relationships so this could mean more progress for Madison.

Do you think brining in Madison’s boyfriend is a bad move?


  1. do y’all want what’s real or nah? This something she can’t run from forever. The producers knew this story was important to continue to follow.

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