Battle of the Exes 2

Battle of the Exes 2: Top Moments from Episode 9

This week the twist of the season is revealed!!

1. Allies and Enemies

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Four teams remain, and the cast believes there will only be one more elimination before the final. Wes tells Leroy that regardless out the outcome, he wants to send in Jay & Jenna because they will be an easy team to beat. Leroy’s on board, but Jordan does not agree to the plan. He believes that they’ve taken this easy team so far into the game that it’s a waste to use them in the final Dome. So Wes and Jordan butt heads, and Wes calls Jordan an asshole. Jordan states that Theresa is a bigger bitch than he is an asshole and now Theresa is crying. Alliances have been divided, and Jordan is no long team Wes. It seems like a split house until a surprise message from TJ tells the cast to head to The Dome.


Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.21.27 PM

The cast arrives at The Dome, and Zach & Jonna emerge again. TJ explains the Battle of the Exiled twist, and reintroduces the current winning team Bananas & Nany. This is the final Exile, and it’s called It Takes Two to Tangle, which is basically the same elimination as Knot So Fast from Battle of the Seasons. In this elimination the teams have 20 minutes to tangle a rope around a cage and then the opposing team must untangle the rope. The first team to successfully untangle their opponet’s rope wins. At first, Zach & Jonna make a huge mess out of their rope due to Zach’s Crossfit skills, and when it comes time to untangle ropes Zach & Jonna get the lead. Things are looking grim from Bananas & Nany until Zach & Jonna get caught with a knot. This slows them down and causes them to backtrack, giving Bananas & Nany enough time to swoop from behind and snag the win. Wes’s worst nightmare has come true.

3. A Wrecked Ginger

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.32.38 PM

The challenge of the week is called Wrecking Ball, and the teams stand on platforms swinging a canvas bag and throw balls at each other in an attempt to knock off the opposing teams. Immediately, everyone gangs up on Wes & Theresa. Bananas seizes the opportunity to smack Theresa in the face with the bag, and Jordan pelts Wes in the head with a ball. The team quickly falls into the water and lands a spot in The Dome. When the final teams are standing, Bananas voluntarily falls into the water allowing Sarah & Jordan to win because he does not want to choose the second teams to go into The Dome.

4. Phony Friendships

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.38.54 PM

Not wanting to send in Jay & Jenna, Jordan & Sarah first talk to Bananas & Nany. For some reason, they want to save this team so they decide no to send them into The Dome. This leaves Leroy & Nia, and Jordan breaks the news to the team. Leroy is angry and walks away, but Nia stays behind to tell Jordan what she’s thinking. She says he’s the person she hoped he wouldn’t be and that she has been trying to be his friend. Sarah jumps in say that she wants to win money hear and isn’t on the show for friendships, but Jordan assures Nia that she wants her and Leroy to return.

5. Hurrican Approaching

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.43.25 PM

When Jordan & Sarah announce that Leroy & Nia will be joining Wes & Theresa in The Dome, Nia decides to go on a tirade and call out every team in the house. Most notably, she goes after Bananas & Nany, saying she’s not impressed by the fact that they beat a bunch of weak teams and reminding Nany that she “smoked” her in the Strung Out Dome. Any starts yelling back, and Nia calls Nany a cum guzzling slut. The two girls get in each other’s faces and ……… TO BE CONTINUED


  1. I don’t think Nia really has much room to call Nany a slut, first of all. Second of all, y’all are in the dome, go in there and kick some ass and GET OVER IT.

    1. Nany is seriously slutty — it is easier to count the guys in the house that she has hooked up with vs the ones she hasn’t. And that is the official definition of slutty according the Webster’s dictionary.

  2. Bananas calling out Wes for being a scumbag, what a joke. I’m sorry but I thought Leroy was your boy? “Not wanting blood on your hands” is still screwing over your main man

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