Battle of the Exes 2

Did Nia Deserve to Go?

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In the most recent twist from Battle of the Exes 2, Nia has been sent home for inappropriately touching Jordan.

We all know Nia likes to push boundaries, and each time she is sent into elimination she lashes out on the Power Couple who sends her in. After her fate was sealed by Power Couple Sarah & Jordan, Hurricane Nia went on another rampage. This time, she repeatedly called Jordan a pussy. Calling him a pussy wasn’t enough. She started by pulling down his shorts (leaving on only Under Armor) and pointing at him. Later, she physically put her hands on the crotch of his jean to remind him he had a pussy under them.

Then, TJ removed Nia from the house without explanation. The rest of the cast were left with mixed reaction, many thinking Nia’s removal was part of the final Dome. However, she was being removed from the game because of her actions toward Jordan.

Was this warranted? On the first Battle of the Exes, Vinny was removed after he pulled off Mandi’s top exposing her bare chest. While Vinny claimed he didn’t know Mandi wasn’t wearing a bra, his actions would clearly expose Mandi. Nia knew that her actions would not reveal any censorable parts of Jordan’s body.

There’s also the fact that Nia and Jordan have a significant amount of history, mostly stemming back to Real World Portland when Nia told Jordan she’d give him a blow job only to deny him because “it wasn’t what [she] was expecting.” While this was a scheme Nia concocted to prove that Jordan’s argumentative nature was due to his penis size, Jordan did give Nia permission to touch him. Of course, this does not justify Nia touching Jordan now, but it may explain why she felt comfortable doing do.

There’s also the fact that Nia was initially removed with no explanation. Unlike Vinny, who was clearly removed for his actions toward Mandi, Nia was removed without an explicit reason. If Nia was being removed for touching Jordan, shouldn’t she explicitly be told that her actions were unacceptable and the cause of her removal from he game? Instead, her removal was unexplained to herself or the rest of the cast. This begs the questions whether Nia would have been removed if Theresa did not agree to join the cast as Leroy’s partner.

What do you think? Should Nia have been removed?


  1. If it had been reversed, if Jordan was saying, “Nia, you’re a dude, where’s your penis?” and pulled her shorts down and grabbed her crotch, there wouldn’t even be a debate.

    1. But it’s okay to shove a toothbrush into Tanya’s vagina compliments of Evan and Kenny while the producers still allow the cameras to roll. Basically “She had it coming” is what they said. The sexist hypocrisy of the Challenge is deplorable.

  2. I think it also had to do with the homophobic slurs she was using, and I think they removed here without an explanation because she is a volatile person and production wanted to maintain control of the situation.

  3. Of course they had to remove her. If a guy did this to a girl, there would much more commotion than this, even though this is the same thing! So yes, Nia deserves this! Plus, she was never penalized for hitting Johnny in Portland or for hitting Avery.

  4. I don’t think Nia will be gone for good Evan and Kenny supposedly “raped” Tonya and they weren’t band until Rivals which was 4 challenges after the incident when they went to court. Jordan isn’t pressing charges and it wasn’t aggressive sexual assult like rape.

    1. I agree she probably won’t be gone for good. Kenny and Evan (and BMP) had a lawsuit brought against them by Tonya, that probably won’t happen in this instance.

  5. how is this even a debate? She’s a vile person for what she says but she crossed the line twice.

  6. No. Production should’ve asked Jordan if he wanted her gone and of coursed he would’ve said no because he wasn’t even offended and he wanted her to run the final to slow Leroy down.

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