Battle of the Exes 2

Battle of the Exes 2: Top Moments from Episode 12

Picking up where we left off, the final!

1. Waterworks

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.49.08 PM

The final starts off where every other finals starts… in the water! Sarah & Jordan immediately get the lead during the swimming portion and maintain that lead during the kayaking portion. Jay & Jenna keep pace in second place, while Leroy seriously lags in the swimming portion putting him and Theresa in third. After the swim and kayaking, teams must run to the first check point where the must unscramble a word puzzle. Of course, Sarah is thrilled to see a word puzzle and solves it quickly maintaining her lead. During the run, Leroy & Theresa pass Jay & Jenna because Jenna is having a difficult time running. Theresa solves the puzzle, while Jay & Jenna are unable to and advance when time runs out.

2. Throwing Up and Throwing Out

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.02.15 PM

The next check point is a drinking game, but there’s no beer involved. Rather, the glasses are filled with fish guts. Teams start by drinking a glass, then they can flip a coaster 3 times in an attempt to have it land on the top of the glass. If they fail after 3 attempts they drink the glass. No one can successfully flip the coaster, so they all just drink the glasses. Once Jay & Jenna arrive, they’re mortified to see an eating challenge. While Jenna dislikes the fish guts, it’s Jay who cannot drink it. He stands around and eventually TJ emerges. TJ says that they’ll be disqualified if they don’t drink and Jay decides to throw in the towel because he simply cannot drink the fish guts. Jay & Jenna are disqualified and receive no prize money.

3. Running and Sleeping

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.10.29 PM

The teams keep running and until the get to the next check point. They must eat a tube of caviar then throw 5 rocks into a pot of water. If they fail, they must eat another tube of caviar before attempting again. Neither team is successful, but Leroy & Theresa meet up with Sarah & Jordan at this point. Then they continue to ride bikes and jog. Sarah continuously pukes and stops to take a shit in the woods. Eventually, they arrive at the overnight check point. Sarah & Jordan get there first and Leroy & Theresa arrive later. The teams must either stand in front of the fire or sleep on a tiny bed. Neither team gets a good rest, but there’s more final to complete.

4. Climbing for the Prize

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.15.55 PM

The final leg of the race is the climb up Mt. Slogan. Sarah & Jordan’s lead translates into a 5 minute head start, and the cast must climb 10 kilos up the mountain. The camera shows scenes of them running, and slowly climbing, and then taking breaks. Then Jordan starts to talk about his disability and how he can overcome anything!

5. A Win 8 Seasons In the Making

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.19.24 PM

And our winners are… Sarah & Jordan! Sarah is thrilled she finally won, as is Jordan. They take home he grand prize of $250,000 and Sarah can finally call herself a Challenge champion! While Leroy & Theresa are not the winners, they split the second place prize of $70,000.


  1. Ok, I was dead wrong. I rolled my eyes when I heard Sarah say she was planning on playing a smart game and lasting to the end. I shrugged her off and said that all she does is talk game, and not back it up. I never would have picked her to win in a million years, but she played a great game. “The Decision” was 100% worth it because in the end she won, and no matter how much Bananas wants to bully her and try and make her seem like the enemy, it won’t take away the money she earned. Congrats Sarah!

  2. overall i liked this season! some of my favorite moments was actually WES toward the end of the season right before bananas and nany came back into the game. now don’t get me wrong. wes is not my favorite. i mean i like wes but i have others on the challenge i like a little more! anyways i give wes credit for being a genius at playing this game. when he basically convinced leroy to NOT bring up his name when leroy had the power couple position! that was awesome!

    i am also super happy for sarah! she really did deserve a challenge win and i am glad she is retiring on a high not! both her and jordan do so well! i am also very happy for leroy and theresa they did an amazing job too! i feel like Leroy in real life is probably a super nice down to earth kind of guy. he always seems like that on these shows!

    im happy for jay and jenna too! even though they were DQ’d in the finale i mean hey… they still made it to the finale as rookies and i feel like Jay will be able to use this as fuel to prove everyone wrong when he comes back for another challenge!

    i also watch AYTO and although it was a shock to me when i learned (from this website LOL) that the are you the one cast were gonna be on this challenge i am glad they did that! adam and brittany did such a great job for being rookies AND for being from another show! do you think that mtv will bring more cast from the are you the one show and put them on the challenge or do you think this was a one time thing?

    all in all i thought it was a great season and i am lookin forward to the next season! i also wanted to say keep up the good work on your website here man! cant find many other reliable sources for this stuff anywhere else!

  3. Honestly, Bananas doesn’t realize what Sarah did to him, is nearly the exact same thing he did to Paula on The Island. He claims that he at least he knows what team he’s on. Quick Recap: BOTE 2 = Sarah and Bananas worked together until the end. Island = Bananas and Paula in same alliance until the end. BOTE 2 = Sarah sends Bananas in final elimination and loses. Island = Paula not picked to be apart of Banana’s boat or “team” I know technically Kenny picked his boat on the island but still.

  4. its just bad that sarah’s win is asscoiated with backstabbing, even if it wasnt backstabbing. thats just like Cara maria if she wins this season than her season win wll be filled with ohh she cheated on her boyfriend…. blah , blah , blah a win is a win

  5. Jay said Jenna had cheated on her bf, who she said slept with someone on a reality show. Do we know which show and who?!

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