Johnny or CT: Who’s More Important to The Challenge?

It’s not secret that production will spend a pretty penny to get a big name on The Challenge, and atop there list is always Johnny Bananas and CT. Not only will they pay the big bucks for these two, but they make exceptions to fit them into the themes. Take Exes 2 for example. CT & Diem were the only repeat team and Bananas & Nany were the only “exes” with no camera footage supporting their relationship.


For the past 4 years, The Challenge has centered around these two (with the exception of Battle of the Seasons). So, who is more important to the success of the show?

CT seems to be the fan favorite, but it seems his dominance as a Challenge star is more dependent on his relationships. Whether it was his rivalry with Adam or his relationship with Diem, it seemed that one of these two was required for him to get camera time. When he flew solo on Free Agents, he got far less TV time.

On the competitive side, CT tends to dominate. However, he has found himself in a position where he can coast through seasons without seeing eliminations, or at least postponing them until the very end. He even did the unthinkable on Rivals 2 and won. However, CT tends to be a lone ranger. He makes his own decisions and doesn’t require allies to take him to the end.

Bananas on the other hand is hated by many fans, yet always finds himself in some type of trouble on the shows. When he was stripped of all of his primary allies on Free Agents, he found himself going head-to-head with Jordan. It doesn’t seem that his air-time depends on other relationships, but this is because his douchy antics always tend to piss someone off.

On a competitive side, he also tends to dominate. In fact, he has won more than CT. This has placed a target on his back and in the more recent seasons the rookies know that utilize every opportunity to get him out. On the flip side, he also protects himself with his allies every seasons and always musters up some new allies. This often gives him a security blanket and he can coast half way through some seasons untouched.

Whether or not the agree to appear, production will always ask CT and Bananas. If only one showed up, who do you think is more important to the success of the season?


2 thoughts on “Johnny or CT: Who’s More Important to The Challenge?

  1. I used to despise CT, but every season he becomes more & more likable, to the point where you can hear him cheer on the other competitors during the challenges when it’s not his turn & you often see him back other cast members when they are being ganged up on. Of course, he’s still a freight train in the actual challenges, which is fun to watch.

    On the other hand, the more seasons that I see Bananas, the more I loathe seeing him, just because of the rerun effect; I know when I see him in episode 1 that I’m about to watch a whole season of sheep taking turns, one by one, falling on their swords to willing carry their king to the end where they have absolutely zero chance of winning against him. Frankly, this gets pretty boring to watch over & over every season. (At least, we got a break from it last season but even then, how it went down left me questioning my reality a little bit.)

    That being said, what both of these players have in common, along with Wes, is that they know how to make good tv. I’m sure that these 3 are probably a lot friendlier to each other off camera, but they seem to realize that they need to play a character to keep the cameras on them and it has been a very successful formula for them; more so then their cast mates who haven’t come to this realization. I’ve always thrown a side eye at that whole pre-Rivals2 yelling match between CT & Wes. I have no doubt that this idea fell out of Wes’ ginger head to stack the deck for an eventual second season of Rivals & CT went along with it and frankly, it did add a lot more excitement to the show.
    Battle of the Seasons didn’t feature Bananas or CT and (although Wes was in it shortly) it was kind of a lackluster season quite possibly because of these 2 being absent. Hate them or love them, it looks like the Challenge needs them.

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