Which Real World Skeletons Girl Would Dominate The Challenge?

b5e-v9bcyaekvdxjpg-337aa4c9f664edf6The upcoming Challenge has a lot of things, but one of those things is not a girl from Real World Skeletons. Though we may be graced by one of these hot-messes in the future, we’ll have to wait a while to see who is truly the best from Real World Skeletons. So while we’re lacking a Challenge or Real World season, it’s a good time to speculate which girl would have been a Challenge queen.

Nicole: Probably the obvious choice, Nicole is very physically fit. She’s also not dumbest person ever. If her behavior on Real World Skeletons means anything, she has potential to bro-out with some of the other Challengers, potentially forging a strong alliance. So what would her downfall be? I’d guess herself. She’d probably live in constant competition with herself, trying to do better and better. I wouldn’t be surprised if she challenged a top-dog…and lost.

Sylvia: Athletic? Kind of. But Sylvia is probably one of the fiestiest girls we’ve seen on The Real World in a while. She has the ability to remain loyal to her friend, but also to cuss out anyone who activates her bullshit radar. In a Challenge house, this could be a good thing, but she could also be her own downfall by running her mouth when it’s not needed. While I don’t anticipate her being the next Emily, I think she could have some potential.

Violetta: I think she’s the biggest wild card of the group. While she’s not the biggest girl, she’s also not someone who backs down from a fight. This could be a good thing if she channels her potential into the missions, but it could be a bad thing if her battles are with out competitors. She’s another one who is likely to dig her own grave with her antics.

Madison: To be honest, I think she has the least potential to be an athletic threat. While I do see Madison trying to conquer fear and overcome her own challenges, I think she’s have a hard time being a physical force. However, she does have potential to be well-liked, or a “lay-up” like Jay & Jenna were.

Which girl do you think would do the best on The Challenge?


7 thoughts on “Which Real World Skeletons Girl Would Dominate The Challenge?

  1. Also Sylvia better not blindside anyone on a challenge especially someone like said Camila that could likely whoop her ass.

  2. All four of them are obnoxious. I couldn’t stomach any of the cast members on Skeletons, men or women, so I’m not looking forward to seeing any of them on any future challenges.

    • Well Tony doing the next challenge with his brother Shane so deal with it. I’m guessing you’re not Nicole from the show are you?

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