Are You The One?

Are You The One 3: Success or Failure?

tumblr_nv73ayLhus1qh9nffo1_500.gifThe third season of Are You the One? premiered this week, and the show is off to an interesting start. Twenty cast members moved into a house in Hawaii to search for true love, and as we all know true love is determined by placing your hand on an iPad with your partner and letting an app do all the work inside of the “truth booth.”

This season did not have the twist of a 21st cast member, but did introduce a new twist. If the cast cannot determine a single match on any given week, they lose a quarter of their $1,000,000 prize.

I feel like watching Are You the One is like watching a Challenge with no prior knowledge of The Real World or The Challenge. We know nothing about these people, but within 2 minutes of the show they’re all fighting and flirting like we’ve known them for ages and should care about their antics. However, there were some clear characters who emerged as the frontrunners for the season.

The premier was viewed by 0.922 million people, which is not stellar but is is 200,000 viewers than last season’s premier. It also received a rating of 0.5 in the 18-49 demographic, which made it the 4th most popular cable show of the evening in the demographic.

Of course, this episode coattailed the season finale of Teen Mom 2, so it had a lot of viewers who carried over from that show, next week the show moves to its regular timeslot of 10 PM on Wednesdays.

Time will tell if this season is a success, but I can say I enjoyed it more than last season’s premier.

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