Do We Need More Team Challenges?

The Challenge has seen varying levels of success over the past 5 years, but it has been a long time since we’ve seen a good team Challenge.

Sure, we had Battle of the Seasons and Free Agents. While these Challenge had some aspects of team Challenges, we have not seen a real Team Challenge since Cutthroat of 2010.


When The Challenge bags, team Challenges were the only way there were done. Originally Real World vs. Road Rules, later seasons branched out and placed men vs. women, rookies vs. veterans, or “good guys” vs. “bad asses.” The Challenge then introduced a partnered format on Fresh Meat and an individualized approach on The Duel. After The Duel, we saw a few more team Challenges until seasons like Rival and Battle of the Exes changed the game for good.

While certain themes have been really successful, there are elements of The Challenge that a teamed format produces that other season cannot. For example, we never really see the struggle of trying to get rid of a bad teammate any more. People like Casey or Shauvon have no place on The Challenge because they will get weeded out too quickly. This adds a level of predicability to the show because we know who will make it further along and who will left early.

Team conflicts are also missing from the show. Power couples like Mike & Trishelle or Jillian & Frank dominating a team no longer exists. We no long have people bullying their way to the end because their teammates do not have to deal with the wrath of their returns.

While partnered and individual Challenges have their benefits, taking team Challenges out of the mix has removed a lot aspects from older seasons way from the show.


9 thoughts on “Do We Need More Team Challenges?

  1. I’d like a balance. Do a partner challenge (which Bloodlines seems to be), then a team, then an individual, then a partner again. I am also clearly hoping they have at least 10 more seasons.

      • I think Em meant that the cast doesn’t go into a voting booth like Cutthroat 1, and votes normally like Rivals and Exes.

        I really would like to see more team challenges. Pairs are getting real stale.

  2. I’d like to see a team challenge, because we haven’t seen one in a while. But, in my opinion solo/partner challenges are much more satisfying overall because of the feeling that the winner was truly the best competitor.

  3. I have a really great idea for the next challenge. It has zero AYTO people involved, and is a team challenge. Basically it’s Cutthroat: All-Stars or just an All-Stars challenge in the style of Cutthroat. It would work the same as Cutthroat (3 teams; red, grey, blue) and basically the voting, eliminations and all that other good stuff would work the same way Cutthroat did. The cool part about it is that it would only have the best of the best RW/RR challengers from over the years. And the teams wouldn’t be random, they be pre-chosen to represent the different alliances over the years. The first team (Blue) would have Johnny Bananas as the captain. The rest of the team would be the people he worked with most often; Kenny, Evan, Derrick, Paula, Laurel, Emily S., etc. The second team (Red) would have Landon as the captain. The rest of the team would be his usual alliances/friends. This team would kind of represent the good guys or challengers who play an honest game. The team would be Landon, Darrell, Alton, Brad, etc. The last team (Grey) would be captained by Wes, and would be the lone-wolf/wild card team. This team does have some friends/partners, but the main thing tying these players together is that they were never in one of the big alliances (Johnny Bananas, etc.) The team would be Wes, CT, Abraham, Evelyn, Cara Maria, etc. These are all obviously not full teams, I just picked out some of the big players to give you an idea of how the teams would look.

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