Are You The One?

5 “Are You the One 3” Cast Members Who Are Challenge Material

I’ll admit it. For the first time in 3 seasons I’m actually invested in ‘Are You the One?’ This may be a shameful secret of mine, but the fact that these kids are appearing on Challenges makes it important for me to be pay attention to the show.

Here are some of the personalities that have stood out from the crowd and may be assets on The Challenge, should they ever have the opportunity to compete. Keep in mind, we’re only half way through the season. It’s very likely that other personalities will establish themselves as Challenge-worthy.



The muscle of the group, he is 6’ 6” and a personal trainer. He is the one who stands a chance of muscling his way to the end and hooking up along the way. It almost seems like The Challenge would be a better fit for him than Are You the One?



Physical threat? No. Emotional wreck? Definitely. Kiki has established herself as the drama queen of the house and the the source of a lot of tension. She’s not afraid to make bold moves, even if she’s wrong for doing it.



Edgy, tattoosed, and a flirt, Chuck is one of the most recognizable figures from AYTO3. He may not be the biggest physical threat, but he can compete when he has to. However, his hook up potential is high and he’s likely to cause so drama.



Sassy, loud and full of one-liners. Rashida can get her way if she puts her mind to it. She may not dominate the Challenges, but she’s also not likely to give up. However, she is prone to let drama get the best of her… which makes her more perfect for The Challenge.



Devin isn’t the most athletic, but his entitled attitude will make him a likely suspect to try to stir some shit on the show. He has found himself in the middle of numerous love triangles and on the wrong side of multiple arguments. He’s not likely to help his cast mates win AYTO, but he could make The Challenge entertaining.


  1. No thanks they can all stay home. The Challenges don’t need them since the last two Real Worlds have brought in many cast members and now all the Bloodlines. Just cause their show ends doesn’t mean they can ride piggy back off the Challenges to stay relevant.

  2. Fun Fact; Kiki was previously dating Ryan Edwards of Teen Mom/16 & Preg fame. He is Maci’s baby daddy.

    wonder how she go this gig. HAH.

  3. I don’t really like any of the AYTO S3 cast but I do think Chuck and Devin would be interesting to watch on The Challenge. Also, Mel seems like she would be a good competitor but she doesn’t really stand out at all. THEY NEED TO CAST SHANLEY FROM SEASON 1!

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