Battle of the Bloodlines

Battle of the Bloodlines: Top Moments from Episode 5

Picking up from a red team victory last week…

1. New Kid, Old Plan

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 8.09.21 PM

After losing the Air to the Throne challenge last week, the blue team is given the task of voting in one male. Mike says he is willing to step up because he’s new, but with a pending rookie vs. veteran alliance, some people had other plans. The veterans, hoping to get ride of a rookie team, vote in Raphy. Despite the fact that Cory asks Aneesa to vote for Mike (along with the rest of the rookies), she votes for Raphy causing further waves in their relationship. When the red team votes for the second male, the vote for Mitch because he is another rookie male, but one that has a good chance of defeating Raphy.

2. Scraps Of a Team

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.01.56 PM

Bananas cheers when he sees two rookie teams heading to The Pit, and Dario takes this as a sign of disrespect. Because Bananas is being disrespectful, Dario asks if he wants to “scrap.” The two exchange heated words back and fourth, mostly about “scrapping” and then Raphy starts fighting with Nany. He tells her to know her role, which is on Bananas lap. Screams subside and a line is drawn in the sand.

3. Water Works

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.08.39 PM

The cast heads to the club, and Nany and Aneesa bond over the fact that they both think Kellyanne is phony. When Kellyanne hears her name, she confronts Aneesa. The two ladies start to argue, and Aneesa tosses a drink in Kellyanne’s face. Kellyanne isn’t too phased by this, but Aneesa seems awfully proud of herself.

4. Kellyanne’s Uh-Oh

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.11.02 PM 1

After Kellyanne dries off by dancing, Aneesa comes back to start another drunken fight. Aneesa tells Kellyanne that she’s 29, but looks at least 7 years older than herself (Aneesa is 31). Kellyanne then reaches over and asks if it’s because of her black skin. This, of course, angers Aneesa. Kellyanne calls Aneesa a cunt but then realizes that her comment wasn’t too cool. She cries and is comforted by Mitch who assures her that she is still a fan favorite.

5. Celebrating Too Soon

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.15.53 PM

The elimination is called My Way or the Highway, and it’s just a fancy tug of war. Raphy tries to do that whole elimination with just arms, but Mitch uses his legs and whole body. Mitch has a quick lead, but loses his footing and falls. Raphy gains some ground, and Dario celebrates thinking they’ve won. However, they have not and Mitch starts to pull again. Because of the celebrations Mitch quickly pulls his rope past the line and wins. Raphy and Dario lose and go home looking silly.


  1. This episode was the worst yet. Half of the show was Aneesa and Kellyanne fighting and the other half was Dario and Raphy shouting at the other cast members. Are shouting matches and drunken club fight all this show really has to offer anymore? I have watched every season, but it’s getting to the point where I could care less about any of these people anymore.

  2. there’s more to the kelly anne/aneesa fight that they didn’t show. the editing almost makes kelly anne look racist. she & aneesa both confirmed that aneesa told kelly anne that she looked at least 7 years older & was aging badly. to which kelly anne replied that people with darker skin tend to age better, so aneesa will age better due to her “black skin” awful choice of wording but I hate when they don’t show the entire convo & make people look worse than they are already making themselves look by being drunk idiots.

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