Real World Go Big Or Go Home

Real World Go Big Or Go Home: Meet the Cast

Here’s the cast, or at least the initial cast, for the upcoming season of the show. In this post we’ll have biography and casting photo for each cast member. Click their name and it will take you to their twitters!

Ceejai Jenkins


Christopher Ammon


Dean Bart-Plange


Dione Mariani


Jenna Thomason


Kailah Casillas


Sabrina Kennedy



  1. Jenna FTW! All of the girls seem interesting, the guys seem not so while Chris is annoying the hell out of me on social media!!!

  2. CeeJai is going to be great. Chris seems a little bit extra, What comes out Jenna’s mouth is disgusting. Dione is played out , Kailah is a little bit nasty ( Hooish) but she owns it sooooooo. Did i forget anyone else? Literally so far the other two have been forgettable

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